The George Whitefield Program [GWP], a ministry of Sports Fan Outreach International, is conducting a homiletics training this June 19 – 23 for members of the GWP and men, whether they are pastors, evangelists, teachers, seminary students or laymen, who simply want to learn to ‘preach evangelistically from the Scriptures’. To apply contact Bill Adams the Director of the GWP at either: or 866-646-5683 #1 expressing your interest to attend. Once your contact is received you will be sent the registration form to complete.

The goal of the teaching is that by the week’s end you will have learned to ‘draw the net’ as you preach the Word. The GWP is an evangelistic ministry intended to preach the Word for souls to hear and believe. As such this homiletics training is in accordance with the GWP’s ongoing work and is designed to enhance the church’s ability to preach evangelistically to the benefit of the hearers of the Word.

If this is what you want to learn then plan to join us at Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens, TN for five days of teaching and training. You will have the opportunity to preach a sermon and have it critiqued by Dr. Carrick and Dr. Light.

The schedule, teachers, details and registration link follow:

The Schedule

[The evening sessions are a joint worship time with everyone participating in the GWP Training week. Your families are invited to attend the evening sessions too.]

Monday, June 19

Registration Noon – 2:00 PM; afternoon training session 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM; Dinner break 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM; Evening session 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, June 21 – Thursday June 22

Prayer 6:00 AM; Breakfast 8:00 AM; morning training session 9:00 AM – Noon; lunch break [includes lunch and prayer] Noon – 2:00 PM; afternoon training session 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM; dinner break 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM; evening session 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Friday, June 23

Prayer 6:00 AM; Breakfast 8:00 AM; closing session 9:00 AM – Noon.

Scheduled teachers

Dr. John Carrick: Former professor of homiletics at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and author of “The Imperative of Preaching: A Theology of Sacred Rhetoric“. His teaching is entitled: ‘Preaching the Text of the Word of God’. 

[To prepare for Dr Carrick’s teaching you are encourage to read his book mentioned above and Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones’ “Preachers and Preaching”. You can order the the book or listen online here: ““. See a few videos of Dr. Carrick teaching below.]

Dr. Rick Light: Executive Director of Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship and Pastor of Eastern Heights Presbyterian Church, Bristol, TN. His topic: ‘How to preach evangelistically from the Scriptures’. He will cover four specific areas: the Bible, the Messenger, the Message and the Audience.

Location: Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens, TN.

Cost:  For individuals:  $375 per person. This includes four nights, and eleven meals.  You can see the room layout at the Tennessee Wesleyan dorm here: TWU Rooms.

For men bringing their families:  $550.  This includes accommodations for the family at a local hotel and eleven meals on campus for the man.  Each room has two beds, includes breakfast and a pool. This does not include meals on campus for the family.  Families can eat meals on campus at the cost of $9 per person per meal.

There will be daily activities for the families which include playing at local playgrounds, touring local sites including the Mayfield Dairy plant and visiting the scenic areas that are unique to East Tennessee. In other words the families will be busy each day with the other families so they won’t be alone during the week. Each family is invited to attend the evening worship sessions.

Extra comments: Consider this week like a camp meeting with training. This means there’s plenty of praying and fellowship mixed with training.

These are teachings from Dr. Carrick’s prior teaching time with us.