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Rev. Whitefield preaches in this sermon what is regeneration. His text and title:

2 Corinthians 5:17, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.”

#1 All men must be born of the Spirit. Men who have been baptized with water are not necessarily Baptized with the Spirit.

#2  To be a new creature “so our souls, though still the same as to offense, yet are so purged, purified and cleansed from their natural dross, filth and leprosy, by the blessed influences of the Holy Spirit, that they may be properly said to be made anew.”

#3 Whitefield states, “that Christianity requires a thorough, real inward change of heart…”

#4 Whitefield continues to contrast God with man. God is a Spirit and pure. Man is a creature and corrupt. Thus how can God and man dwell together.

#5 Man would not be fit to enter heaven in his natural state. He would have no means to enjoy the blessings there; he must be changed to receive the blessings of God here and to be prepared to enter into their fulness in glory.

#6 Thus the Holy Spirit is granted to the believer to make this whole change within our being.

#7 This is in comparison to men who believe outward observances are sufficient. Or those who are outwardly moral. Or those who have amended their lives in part.

#8 Thus ask yourself: have you received the Holy Spirit? If not, that is your need. Ask God for it and purse asking and seeking until you are assured that you have become a new creature.

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