Join Zoe White at the Allstate Sugar Bowl as he proclaims the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. The 2018 Sugar Bowl will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 1st.

Outreach Information

Where: New Orleans, LA at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

When: Jan. 1, 2018

Time: game begins at 7:45 pm, ministry begins at 4:30 pm

Contact Zoe White for more information at: 866-21-TRUTH or


Outreach Leader

Zoe White – Tickfaw, LA

Hi, my name is Zoe White (pronounced “Zo”).  I live in the little Village of Tickfaw, Louisiana; conveniently located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  My wife, Chelsea, and I are blessed with four beautiful children that keep our home quite lively: Zuri, Cruz, Crozby, and Azalea.  (We also have 3 children in Heaven that we look forward to seeing again very soon.)

In 2016, God introduced me to the ministry of Ray Comfort at Living Waters and the concepts of Biblical evangelism.  Although I have sensed a call to missions for many years and went on several mission trips around the world, God used the study of Biblical evangelism to convict me of how little I shared the gospel in my daily life and how unbiblical some of my methods were.  I repented and asked God to teach me how to share the gospel obediently and faithfully.  By His grace, I hand out gospel tracts regularly now, pursue evangelistic conversations everywhere I go, and I started my new life of open air preaching at the Super Bowl Outreach in February 2017.  All glory to God for opening my eyes to the need around me!  It is such a joy to proclaim the Good News that God is reconciling sinners to Himself through the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!  As His ambassador, I go forward into the fray, to declare the Good News of my King and Savior, that I may share in His sufferings for the sake of the elect and for His glory!  ​

Through the assistance of Bill Adams and the George Whitefield Program, (and many other evangelists that have offered sound counsel) God has allowed me to establish Declaring Truth Ministries to bring God’s glorious gospel to the New Orleans area and beyond.  

Declaring Truth Ministries glorifies God by declaring “the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation” (Eph. 1:13) through open-air preaching, literature distribution, and “everywhere evangelism” so that all peoples would hear and believe in Jesus Christ.  Seeking to be good stewards of God’s grace in our lives, we are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples and equipping believers to do the same.​​

We are building a team of ministry partners now to support our open-air evangelism ministry.  You may learn more about partnering with Declaring Truth Ministries at

Outreach Summary

The 2018 Allstate Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day in New Orleans, LA was SOLD OUT!  Over 76,000 people descended upon the city to cheer on either Alabama or Clemson.  This created an excellent opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus Christ to the crowds as they made their way from parking lots to the Dome.   A small group of three men gathered to preach Christ and His pure Gospel message to passersby.  Zoe White, David Robert, and Josh Reed bundled up for the unseasonably 25 degree weather and met right outside the city and drove in.  Once on location, we set up Scripture signs, got our various tracts ready, and prepared the voice amplifiers for the raucous crowds to come.  Expecting large crowds from the Bible Belt, we were prepared to preach on passages of scripture like 1 John that describes the real Christian life, the need for holiness, perseverance, and true repentance.
There was a proud spirit in the air as so many were professing that they were Christians.  But, of course, we know that Christ said that few will find the narrow way (Matt. 7).  Many young men mocked us about being saved and still planning on getting drunk that night on Bourbon.  There were, however, a few people that stopped by to encourage us for sharing the Truth.  One fellow evangelist on the way to the game even stopped to pray with us!  Another professing Christian, named Richard, said he felt guilty for not sharing the gospel as often as he should.  He was convicted, but also encouraged by our example to continue on his own evangelism journey.
The sweetest highlight of the night was that this was Josh Reed’s first street evangelism outreach.  He said that he was so happy to give out gospel tracts to strangers, engage people one-on-one with the gospel, and even open-air preach for the first time!  He had Christ-like compassion on the lost crowds that night, joyfully shared the gospel with as many as he could, and is now planning his next outreach event with us!  Wow!  God is not only accomplishing His will through the hundreds of tracts distributed, hours of preaching, and several one-on-one witnessing conversations, but is also sanctifying the evangelist!  All glory to God for His wisdom!
Zoe White

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