Join Matt DeJesus in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Arizona Cardinals home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Sunday, September 22th outreach begins around 10:30am Phoenix Time with kickoff at 1:05 pm MST as the Arizona Cardinals take on the Carolina Panthers.

Matt will be outside of State Farm Stadium each home game this season. The team will meet at the Carl’s Jr. right next to the stadium. There is parking there or additional parking Northeast of the restaurant.

If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 602-410-8675.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

Check out his ministry at:

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Home Game Schedule

1:25pm MST
1:05pm MST
1:05pm MST
1:05pm MST
5:20pm MST
1:05pm MST
1:25pm MST
1:05pm MST

Game Summaries

9/8 – vs. Lions

It was a beautiful, sunny, 107 degree day in Phoenix as Jacob and I proclaimed the Gospel through preaching and tract distribution. Many thousands heard and read the Gospel that day. I received several “thumbs ups” and “Amens” from people in the crowd, which was so encouraging. But, as always, there were the detractors. One young man who was proclaiming God did not exist and cursing at me as he walked by returned about 5 mins later to have an actual conversation. He was a former Catholic the was bitter against the Roman Church for the sex scandals. I used that to point out to him that man’s heart is desperately wicked and that we are to have no confidence in the flesh. I also told him our only hope is faith alone in Christ and not in any institution or man. The conversation ended with us shaking hands and him considering what was said. Overall it was another blessed day in proclaiming the truths of God.

More About Matt

Matt De Jesus – Tempe, Arizona

I was introduced to the Gospel at 10 years of age. I went forward at my church, made a profession of faith, and was baptized- not fully understanding what I was doing. My road of sanctification, like many of you, has been a rocky one. As I grew to became an adult I learned intimately what God meant when He had Malachi refer to Him as “a refinerʼs fire…” (Mal 3:2) as well as the passage in Proverbs that tells us He disciplines those He loves (Prov 3:12). God was purifying me by ripping the sin, which I was clutching to so tightly, out of my hands. No discipline at the time is pleasurable, but needed. Needed to become a useful vessel that would honor God, not bringing a reproach to His name. This is an ongoing process until Glory. After years of watching “On The Box” and “Wretched” I had the opportunity to meet Tony Miano. I helped him with several videos and I learned quite a bit about street evangelism. I was so inspired that I had to open my mouth as well to proclaim the Gospel.

I have 3 adult children that the Lord has richly blessed me with. God has also blessed me with a video production business that I’ve owned for more than 30 years producing secular and Christian videos. I have produced several videos for Tony Mianoʼs Cross Encounters Ministries as well as Apologia Church and others.