Join Jeff Padia in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Atlanta Falcons home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Sunday, September 29th outreach begins around 10am with kickoff  at 1:00 pm ET as the Atlanta Falcons take on the Tennessee Titans

Jeff will be outside of Mercedes Benz Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 678-469-2984.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

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Look for updates on twitter: @HeraldingChrist

Pre-Season Home Games

7:30pm ET
New York Jets
7:30pm ET
Washington Redskins

Home Game Schedule

8:20pm ET
1:00pm ET
1:00pm ET
1:00pm ET
1:00pm ET
8:20pm ET
1:00pm ET
1:00pm ET

Game Summaries

9/29 – vs. Titans

Falcons home game #2, vs Titans. We (Lew, Jim, and I) distributed around a thousand gospel tracts to fans pouring off MARTA on their way to the Crystal Cathedral (Mercedes Benz Stadium). True to the Scriptures, we went, aiming to be,
“…the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life. Who is sufficient for these things? For we are not, like so many, peddlers of God’s word, but as men of sincerity, as commissioned by God, in the sight of God we speak in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 2:15-17)
The crowds treated us accordingly, with some hearing words of death, and others hearing words of life. Either way, God’s word had its intended effect. We know He accomplishes His purposes whenever we faithfully proclaim the truths of Scripture!

Lew initiated our outreach today before we even arrived. As we traveled MARTA to the stadium, he handed a gospel tract to another passenger. Lew allowed the man to read the tract (pictured), then shared Christ with him.

As the crowds passed by, one of us overheard a passerby telling his friends that he appreciated the boldness of our conviction to stand and preach. I (Jeff) later noticed a man walk past as I handed out tracts. He pointed at me and said, “There he is.” I’m not sure if he was exactly happy to see me, but I’m glad he recognized me from previous outings. I recognized him as well. More evidence that we’re slowly, methodically claiming that piece of sidewalk for Christ and His glory! Many fist bumps, thumbs up, and “amens” encouraged us throughout the typical mockery and reviling.

At Atlanta Falcons games, we hear many fans scream “Rise up!” as they pass by. These same fans’ hopes and dreams ebb and flow with each passing game. For them, each season ends in disappointment as their team lets them down, over and over. No thanks. We’ll place our hope and trust in the One who really did “Rise up!”

“Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was RAISED—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding..” for HIS fans, His followers! (Romans 8:34, emphasis mine)

Until He returns,

9/15 – vs. Eagles

Falcons regular season game #1 is in the books. Our team of four evangelists handed out 1200+ tracts while preaching four gospel-intensive sermons to very large crowds of fans walking from the MARTA rail station toward the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Since this particular game had a late kickoff time (8:20pm), a higher percentage of the fans were noticeably more inebriated than a game having the more typical 1pm Sunday kickoff. Alcohol consumption provokes higher levels of “courage” so, in God’s providence, we endured quite a lot of reviling, blaspheming, and mockery. We reciprocated with love and compassion for the lost souls passing by our station.

A Roman Catholic man stopped to listen as Steven preached. Jim engaged him in gospel conversation. He eventually left without taking a tract, but we pray “seeds” were planted.

As I (Jeff) preached, a man walked up and stood behind me for 20 minutes or so before walking on toward the stadium. He never said a word, nor acknowledged us. He just stood, leaning against one of the large concrete planters. I chose to continue preaching, praying he actually wanted to hear biblical truth. He was dressed in full Atlanta Falcons paraphernalia, so I assume he’s a local. Maybe we’ll see him again. I also had others stop and listen, probably while waiting to meet their friends. I’m thankful that God arranges such opportunity for us!

Our friend, Lew, preached his first open air!! The crowd wasn’t very welcoming, but he did a great job. Congratulations, brother! All glory to God! Lew was later able to engage with a man named Dale, who stopped to sit and check his phone. Dale mentioned Answers in Genesis, which quickly perked Lew up (He’s very familiar with AiG). This provided some encouraging back-and-forth conversation. Dale ended up taking our group picture!

Steven closed the preaching for us, and endured many mockers as game time neared. He stayed on task, doing a good job of pouring hot coals of gospel truth on cowardly “sharp-shooters” as they kept walking. Praise God!

I’m thankful to Jim “Go ahead” Grega, Lightning Lew Ivan, and Steven Ely (The Wretched Preacher™️) for being on my crew this evening!

By God’s grace and for His glory,

8/22 – vs. Redskins

We had a good ministry team show up to preach and tract the football fans that showed up in great numbers Thursday August 22nd at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta !
Our team was made up of the following from left to right………  
Brandon Allen
Braydon Allen
Chip Smith
Mark “Bubba” Yoho 
Steven Ely
Lightning Lew Ivan 
and not pictured is Jim Grega
We were able by God’s Grace to pass out  over 800 tracts, and preached to countless fans as they walked by. Had several gospel conversations, including a long biblical discussion with one of the police officers that was on duty.
Praise God for His mercies.

Summary from: Jim Grega

More About Jeff:

Jeffery Padia – Fayetteville, GA

God mercifully saved me out of a background of cheap grace, easy believe-ism, “Americanized” Christianity. I had walked an aisle during a church “revival” and was baptized at age 16. I quickly proceeded to prove myself a false convert, succumbing to the worldliness and sin that my flesh craved. I found myself in a prolonged downward spiral, increasingly wallowing in the dregs of my wickedness and rebellion against God, all the while believing I had punched my ticket through the pearly gates! I pursued every worldly thing that I thought might make me happy.

But God, being rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4-5), opened my eyes to see how patient and kind and merciful He had been to me in preserving my life, even though His justice could have fallen on me like a hammer. In the misery of my lowest depths, I became dreadfully aware that I was not owed another day of His mercy. It was then that God granted me eyes to see His beauty, and grace to believe in Jesus as my only hope. The riches of His kindness and forbearance and patience had, indeed, led me to repentance (Romans 2:4)! By His grace alone, I’m thankful to be a servant of the one, true God!

After completing a 26 year career as an Air Traffic Controller here in Atlanta, unburdened by full time work responsibilities, I determined to make myself more available for ministry. In response, the Lord graciously and relentlessly consecrated me to His service! He guided me through a continuum of evangelistic challenges, each one further and further outside of my comfort zone! In his loving providence, I progressed from timidly and covertly placing gospel tracts…to openly handing out tracts in Christmas parades…to giving brief gospel presentations in nursing homes…to pleading for the lives of babies and preaching the gospel in front of abortion mills…to open air preaching at sporting events…to sharing the gospel with jail inmates…to…wherever He leads me next! It’s been one gospel adventure after another, all in the worship and service of my great God and Savior! If He can do such a work in me, He can do such a work in you! He is faithful! Are you willing to entrust yourself to Him, no matter the cost?

Jeff ministers under the leadership and oversight of his elders at Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, GA.


Twitter: @HeraldingChrist