Jeff Padia and Jim Grega were heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Atlanta Falcons home football games this 2018 season.


Last outreach was: Sunday, December 16th outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff with kickoff  at 1:00 pm ET as the Atlanta Falcons take on the Arizona Cardinals.


Jeff and Jim were outside of Mercedes Benz Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join them please contact:

Jeff at: or 678-469-2984

Jim at: or 678-571-1167


If you have any questions, please let one of them know.


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Game Summaries

12/16 – vs. Cardinals

God faithfully brought us through to the finish line—the final Atlanta Falcons fan outreach of the 2018 season. This last outing included Jim Grega, Jaime Smith, and me.

I’m thankful to my brothers-in-Christ who sacrificed their time this year in order to take part in bringing the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of men, women, and children—many of whom have never heard biblical truth proclaimed. I am especially thankful for James Grega, my faithful ministry partner and a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Also joining with us at various times in the season were Bobby McCreery, Bill Adams, Mark Yoho, Lew Ivan (Karin Ivan), Jamie Smith, Jeff Sauricki, Daniel Steven Courney, and Dave Shain. I’m inspired to know such men who by God’s grace are willing to go, stand, and speak—to be, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men…fools for Christ’s sake” (1 Cor. 4:9-10), so that their Master’s “house may be filled”. (Luke 14:23)

Street ministry, I’ve discovered, is a unique mix of humiliation (dying a slow death to self) and exhilaration (living for Christ in the deepest, most eternally meaningful way possible—boasting in and pointing others to Him!)

Each outing was accompanied by much prayer. Thousands of gospel tracts went out over the course of the season. Many gospel-intensive sermons were preached. Many Scriptures were publicly read, and many people were engaged with gospel-centered conversation. I’ll probably never see any of the results of this ministry, and I accept that. What I do know is that God’s word always accomplishes its purpose. (Isaiah 55:11) That’s good enough for me.

How many people did this ministry lead to Christ this season? Every single person with whom we shared the gospel! Many of those will go on to reject Jesus, but some will surely be saved in God’s perfect timing. To God alone be glory!

11/18 – vs. Cowboys

We had beautiful weather today, allowing us to proclaim the glories of the One who makes the weather! (Psalm 135:7) Our team consisted of Mark Yoho, Dave Shain, Jim Grega, and yours truly. Over the course of 3 hours, we handed out 1000+ gospel tracts!
Surprisingly, we had very few hecklers this day. Several passersby showed appreciation for our presence. One guy, whom I’ve seen before, came over and shook my hand and hugged me while I was preaching! I’m thankful for these encouragements that God puts in our path.
About 20 minutes prior to kickoff time, a young guy showed up with his trombone. He wanted nothing to do with us, wouldn’t listen as we tried to demonstrate concern for his soul, and wouldn’t take a gospel tract. He was a hater of God, and had no problem with blowing his horn over the sound of our preaching. Pray for this young man, who will die in his sins should he continue in his rebellion against his Creator. 

10/22 – vs. Giants


Jeff Padia preaching/Jeff Sauricki in the            Jeff Sauricki preaching/Jim Grega (white hat)
           background tracting.                                                                    tracting.
Monday night football in Atlanta, as the Falcons hosted the Giants at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Our team consisted of Jim Grega, Jeff Sauricki, and Jeff Padia. It was a beautiful night, as the pictures attest. All three of us took a round of preaching over the course of almost 3 hours.
Crowd levels were not quite up to Sunday game level, but we managed to hand out about 600 gospel tracts. I had a couple of gospel conversations this night. Lewis from New Jersey stopped and talked as he took a tract. He professed to be a believer, and I talked with him about the biblical gospel and the glories of Christ, with the hope of encouraging him in his walk and to confirm his profession. Randy was the second conversation. I wasn’t quite sure if he was mocking or was genuinely being drawn by the Holy Spirit. He was somewhat intoxicated, but respectfully listened as I shared Christ with him.

10/14 – vs. Buccaneers

Jamie Smith and Jim Grega, were at the Falcons Game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
We had 500 of Jeff Padias Get In The Game tracts,and they were gone before noon. (we should have brought more).The fans were very amiable many encouraged and high fived us as we preached.(Bill Adams has really trained and conditioned this crowd over the years!)

9/30 – vs. Bengals

Joining me at Mercedes-Benz stadium this week was Bill Adams, Dave Shain, and Jaime Smith. We deployed my “Get in the Game” tracts for the first time, handing out about 400 of them. Here’s a short video from the outreach:

9/23 – vs. Saints

Every game we go to affords us the opportunity to present the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people as they pass by on the sidewalk. To read more click here.

9/16 – vs. Panthers

We had a team of two at the game last Sunday, seemed liked a big turnout of happy football fans! Thousands heard the gospel, and we quickly ran out of the tracts we brought.
Our team consisted of
Lew Ivan tracting,
Jim Grega preaching
To God be the Glory