Join David Day & Scott Roney in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Auburn University home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Saturday, November 2nd outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff  TBA as the Auburn Tigers take on the Ole Miss Rebels.

David & Scott will be outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join them please contact them at:

David: or 334-324-8967

Scott: or 334-319-2259

If you have any questions, please let him know.

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Home Game Schedule

7:30pm ET
7:00pm ET
Kent State
7:00pm ET
Mississippi State
Ole Miss
University of Georgia

Game Summaries

9/28 – vs. Mississippi State

My Friend Joshua Tubbs that has just started coming out wrote this.

Just a note about evangelizing in Auburn this past weekend.  

What a great opportunity and blessing it was to be able to get together with fellow brothers in Christ and share the gospel in Auburn on game day.  

This was a special time where we were able to offer and pass out many gospel tracts as well as open air preach in the famed Toomers Corner, which is an area where thousands of people walk past constantly in the hours prior to game time.  I heard it said that ‘Open Air preaching, leads to gospel conversations’; whoever made that statement spoke truth. While someone was preaching, people would come by and engage with those passing out tracts giving opportunities to share individually with some.  Others would walk over to take a tract because of the preaching, just to see what it was all about.

Many people would come by and lift up words of encouragement while many others would scoff or yell out as they walked by which is expected anytime the gospel is preached.  

Additionally, while someone was preaching, a young lady grabbed a Bible from off of a stand and threw it to the ground in anger as she walked by.  And then there were other times when the person would not say anything, but standing at good distance away, would just look and listen intently at the preaching before walking off.   

Sadly, countless seem to have a lack of concern for their soul or eternal destination as they walk past going towards a stadium where they will cheer and celebrate.  And then others as they approach the preaching, have a look of disgust, embarrassment, interest, concern or conviction, among others. And, sometimes they would just stand there looking appalled before their friend would grab them by the arm and drag them off.  

It is good to be able to have someone there with experience like David Day with Sports Fan Outreach. It is also very encouraging to be with fellow brothers who have a love for sharing the gospel. I will say that it definitely creates a comradery with everyone in a way that is hard to explain unless you have experienced it.  We came together and prayed, and then took turns getting on the box and passing out gospel tracts.  

The tracts are pretty easy to hand out.  Either the people take them or they don’t.  Sometimes people would say, in a good southern voice, ‘Oh, I’m good’ or ‘Give it to someone that needs it’ or just ‘no thanks’.  But quite a few would take one and thank you for it.

David has a very good sense of humor and he is also a very humble guy. I am thankful for his encouragement and prayer, especially as I stepped on the box (since I do not have a ton of open air experience). One young man, came up and engaged with me while I was on the box and others looked and listened to hear and see what was going on as we shared the gospel with him. The goal was to share the gospel in truth and thankfully it does not have to be too fancy or polished to be used by the Lord.

One thing is clear that David and the other brothers proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ unashamedly, boldly, with love and truth.  Thank you David and SFOI for being faithful to the gospel and being willing to spend time sharing with a lost and dying world. I cannot wait until the next game. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”

~ Joshua Tubbs


From mid-night in front of bars to mid-day in downtown . Always interesting and a blessing to see God bring a few individuals out of a multitude for individual, personal ministry. Preach to hundreds, God speaks to 4 or 5. Makes it so worthwhile. Most notable was a young man named Noah who I met on the sidewalk and was able to restore to a knowledge of God’s love and mercy after a contentious discussion with a street preacher.. . God wounds and heals.

~ Scott Roney

9/14 – vs. Kent State

Harry listening to Joshua preaching

This past week I was joined by my brother Reggie McDonald and Joshua Tubbs. Each of us took turns preaching. We had a few hecklers and encouragement from believer’s , but the most significant opportunity came when a young man named Harry took a tract and sat down and listened to Joshua preach. By the end of his preaching, Joshua said he was going to trust in Christ. Attached is a video update and more on this opportunity.

9/7 – vs. Tulane

The Lord was good to provide a great opportunity to witness this past Saturday in Auburn. There were six laborers preaching and distributing gospel literature as my brother Reggie joined me, and Scott was there. Bobby came over with his daughter Hannah and Steven Ely. The preaching produced gospel conversations and as angered some drunk kids and professing Christians. Thankful to proclaim Christ and I’m looking forward to next week. Thank you for the prayers.

~ David Day

20 years ago, I would stand on this corner, Saturday after Saturday, holding forth the word of life to to an idolatrous crowd of Auburnites, of whom I had been chief of sinners a few years earlier. Many times I begged professing Christians to join me in their choice of letting their light of Jesus shine before men giving glory to our heavenly Father.  I continued alone year after year.This past Saturday, I was rejoicing to be a part of a group of men and women who were not ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus in public testimony. I believe God used this display of boldness and annointed his word to accomplish much by the Holy Spirit for the increase of his kingdom.  Thank you, David, Reggie, Bobby, Steve, Hannah , Ryan , Clearice.

~ Scott Roney

More About David:

David Day – Montgomery, AL

My name is David Day and I reside in Montgomery Alabama with my wife Amanda and our 4 children. My family and I are members of Morningview Baptist Church here in Montgomery where I serve as a deacon.

My family are in full time ministry as an Evangelist Catalyst / Missionary Service Corps Missionary with the North American Mission Board and Alabama Baptist Association.

I have been sharing my faith since the Lord quickened my heart in 2008 after hearing a sermon called, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort. This sermon was used by God to reveal to me my sin against Him by the use the Ten Commandments, being as what Paul stated they are, “A schoolmaster” Galatians 3:24 The Lord worked wonderfully in my heart through the gospel and continues to this day to sanctify me, to draw me from sin, and to Lord willing to make me and my family as Thomas Watson has said, “an instrument of the glorifying God.”

More About Scott:

Scott Roney – Opelika, AL