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Evangelists were engaged in the preaching of the gospel. They are not mentioned elsewhere in the Pauline corpus except at 2 Timothy 4:5, where Timothy is urged to ‘do the work of an evangelist’. The only other New Testament occurrence of the noun is in Acts 21:8, where Philip (one of the ‘seven’ of Acts 6:3–6) is called ‘the evangelist’. As proclaimers of the gospel evangelists carried on the work of the apostles. While the term probably included itinerant individuals who engaged in primary evangelism, it was not limited to them. The admonition to Timothy to ‘do the work of an evangelist’ is set within the context of a settled congregation, which presumably meant a ministry to believers and unbelievers alike, while the cognate verb, rendered ‘preach the gospel’,107 covers a range of activities from primary evangelism and the planting of churches to the ongoing building of Christians and the establishment of settled congregations (cf. Rom. 1:11–15). Here in Ephesians 4 evangelists are given by the ascended Christ for the purpose of building his body, and this included both intensive and extensive growth.

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