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Christian fellowship is a gift. Christians, who were at enmity with each other prior to faith in Jesus Christ, are now at peace and reconciled to each other by the blood of the Cross.

To partake of Christian fellowship is to partake of the fruit of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He lived, died and rose again in part that we could live in fellowship with each other.

Thus SFOI seeks to accentuate this gift in our outreaches as witnessed by the requirement that all evangelists participating in an SFOI event stay at the same accommodations.

As evangelists the often pressing need to preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls can begin to supersede the gift of fellowship leading evangelists to ‘go it alone’. But at SFOI we value the gift of Christian fellowship and see it as part of what makes an evangelist fruitful in their labors.

Next time you are exhorted to ‘stay with the SFOI team’ remember that Christian fellowship was bought with a price and to forsake or demean it is to declare the work of Christ in this area as meaningless.

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