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George Whitefield Bio: A House of Mercy in the Woods of Georgia – Chapter 27

The chapter is about Rev. Whitefield’s arrival in Savannah in 1740 and the beginnings of his orphanage home there called Bethesda. He desired that the orphans would have a home; that they would be taught well; they would learn to work by engaging in the labors of the plantation and that perhaps this would lead to the opening of a University in Georgia. [pg 448-449].

Whitfield received a letter from Wesley during his journey to Charleston, SC to meet his brother and to preach. His reply to Wesley is contained in the chapter but apparently Wesley had written Whitfield again about their differences regarding election to which Whitefield replied with the hope of peace between them.

As the Orphan House began to be completed it appeared that Whitfield had not planned well enough financially leading the House to become a financial burden to him. Though he says after seeing the orphans he had no choice but to build an orphanage.

The Orphan House was originally approved by Trustees in England, which apparently was necessary according to existing English law, prior to Whitefield becoming a field preacher.  At that moment relations between him and the Trustees became strained which ultimately brought more pressure upon his efforts to build and operate the Orphan House. Yet Whitfield persisted to execute his plan to provide a home for area Orphans which would require tremendous effort all of his life.

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