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Charles Wesley the famous hymn writer of the 18th Century and brother to John Wesley the ‘founder’ of The Methodist Church in the UK became an open air preacher through the efforts of Rev. Whitefield.

“As a further preparation for the carrying on of the work during his absence Whitfield took steps to thrust out Charles Wesley also into the open-air ministry, and, in turn, into the leadership of it in London.” [pg 371].

Charles’ perspective on open air preaching prior to his initial attempts was that ‘this was a responsibility of a totally different nature and one which he was not ready to accept” [pg 371]

Why was Charles reluctant? His ‘sensitive nature’ and ‘strong Church principles’. Charles acknowledged that ‘it was the fear of man’ that inhibited him. [pg 372]

But Charles finally stepped fully into Whitefield’s regular Sunday labors, preach to ‘near ten thousand’ at Moorfields in the morning and to ‘double that number’ at Kennington in the evening.

Thus Charles began what would be a fruitful preaching ministry at the encouragement and probably pushing of Rev. Whitfield.


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