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This quote by Dr. Cotton Mather is given to summarize the state of religious affairs in the US when Rev. Whitefield arrived:

“It is confessed by all who know anything of the matter…that there is a general and an horrible decay of Christianity, among the professors of it..The modern Christianity is too generally but a very specter, scarce shadow of the ancient. Ah! sinful nation. Ah! children that are corrupters: what have your hands done! …So notorious is this decay of Christianity, that who ebooks are even now and then written to inquire into it.” [pg 413].

Mather was referring to 4 movements of God in his implication that things had gotten worse:

#1 Revivals along the German in Pennsylvania. Several powerful preachers rose up from the various congregations, Lutherans, Reformed, Mennonites, Quakers, Moravians, Schwenkfelders, Baptists, that lived in what was called Germantown in northwest Philadelphia. Many souls were converted and the religious influences of their German homeland were rekindled.

#2 The ministry of Rev. Theodorus Frelinghuysen. He preached boldly amongst the Dutch Reformed Churches in the Raritan Valley.

#3 Presbyterian preachers and evangelists raised up: Gilbert Tennant, his 4 sons, John Rowland, Jonathan Dickinson, Aaron Burr and Ebenezer Pemberton preached life into the Presbyterian Congregations.

#4 Jonathan Edward and the Congregationalists.


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