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Get in the Game: George Whitefield Program Training

The Rev. George Whitefield (1714-1770) was preeminently a preacher. A believer in the Word of God and one who proclaimed in sermon form messages in and out of the pulpit.  He crossed the Atlantic on a ship 13 times to preach the Word in the UK and the Colonies. At his death Rev. Whitefield was more well known in the Colonies than George Washington. Dr. Tommy Kidd calls him “America’s Spiritual Founding Father“.

To that end the George Whitfield Program Training was established: for men who want to preach the Word in and out of the pulpit for the rest of their lives.

Preaching the Word of God; bringing Life to the souls of men; being a minister of reconciliation and an Ambassador of Christ; bringing Light in the dark world and righteousness into a world of sin.  Is that what you desire for the rest of your life?

If so then plan to join us June 18 – 22 either in the Homiletics training with Dr. Denny Prutow or the track to learn the administrative parts of full-time preaching.

Rev. Whitefield lived a life of challenge and difficulty in the midst of his fame and fruitful preaching. Full-time preaching requires a single-minded devotion to the craft and the life. If that’s what you are willing to do then join us in June.



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