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Many people say when asked to go on a trip, “I would go but I don’t have the money”. This implies that money determines what you will do for the Lord.

By saying, “I would go…” you are saying that your desire is to go. You didn’t say, “I don’t want to go”, you said you did want to go.

By default you give the authority of whether you go or don’t go to money.

See if you wanted to go you would do what you could to get the money: ask friends and family to give, wash cars, sell items in your home you don’t use, etc. There’s a multitude of ways to get the money.

But you aren’t willing to consider them.

The unspoken part of saying, “…I don’t have the money” is that you are actually saying, “…I don’t have extra money so therefore I can’t go”.

So again you are saying money is governing your decision.

At the judgement seat would you tell the Lord the reason didn’t you go tell others about Him is, “I would’ve gone but I didn’t have the money”?

The point is to show the reality of what that statement is actually saying.

The application is to either #1 say you don’t want to go upfront or #2 make a plan to get the money.

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