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A very hot day in Columbia, SC though the masses were out in force for this game. Crowds of people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through open-air proclamation, several hundred tracts going out, and many one-on-one conversations. The young man in the Gamecock Jersey was quite animated, railing against God’s destruction of certain people groups in the OT. After some questions, it was discovered that he had no basis for making a moral claim since he believed that morality was, basically, subjective. That opened the door to talk about the objective moral standard of the only one who is good – God, Himself, as well as the fact that God is just, and that all of us deserve His justice. Christ, on the other hand, took the wrath of God that all of us deserve upon Himself. Please pray for this young man. The young lady seen speaking with Ken is “M”. She is a student at USC, as well as a believer. She was overwhelmed and so encouraged by what she saw and heard with the open-air preaching and tract distribution, that she was compelled to come over and talk to us. She brought us a tremendous amount of encouragement, also. She took several “What Time is Purple “ booklets to give some of her friends. Please pray diligently that the Lord will continue to overwhelm her with a burden for the lost. If the Lord raises up young believers like this, possibly from USC, to come together for specific ministries like this, who knows, besides the Lord, what might happen. The Lord is moving here. After laboring for the last two years by myself, the Lord has raised up others with the same burden. There are other brethren who are interested in joining, also. If the Lord would raise up enough for several teams, Columbia would be blanketed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ regularly. Pleas pray for such. Continue, also , to give thanks to the Lord for the favor we have received from the authorities. That has not been an issue that we have needed to be concerned about. Praise God for an abundantly encouraging outreach on this date.
God bless,
Jamie Clark

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