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Get in the Game: Mexico City

The picture is from a Park in Mexico City where we evangelized on Saturday, November 17. What you can’t see is the road that separated the people from me.  But the point of the picture is to show that there was a significant amount of foot traffic and that they would cross the road to pass by me.

In their crossing they were able to hear the Gospel and also receive a Gospel Booklet.  This was a wonderful location and an environment where people could easily hear the Word and be ministered to because while there was much foot traffic the Park was a relaxed environment.

One group of Christians hear me preaching and walked up to say they heard the Gospel and wanted to learn more about me and what we were doing in the Park.

The point: large cities often have busy parks that make for fruitful environments.  Just don’t overwhelm the area with noise but more fit into the rhythm of the park as you preach and distribute Gospel tracts.

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