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SFOI sets forth guidelines so the community of fans or souls attending a major sporting event can be reached with the Gospel. In other words the goal of SFOI is for as many souls as possible at a particular event to hear the Gospel both on one day and at each day of the event.

Here’s a couple of illustrations:

#1 for a pro football team the goal is to be at the stadium early enough on game day, typically 4 hours before kickoff, for the first worker and fan to hear the Gospel and to stay until the last fan enters the stadium which is typically 30 minutes after kickoff.

Because pro football teams play 10 home games SFOI is also at each home game so the people at every home game can the Gospel as often as possible and so the souls who attend only one home game can hear the Gospel too.

Thus the community of that particular team has been reached with the Gospel. Another and perhaps more descriptive way to describe the goal is that the community of that particular team is saturated with the Gospel.

#2 at an annual multiple day major sporting event like the Kentucky Derby SFOI arrives early enough, 8:00 AM, on both days of the event, Friday and Saturday, to the fan and worker can hear the Gospel and also stays until the last fan leaves Churchill Downs which is typically 8:00 PM.

In this way the fans and workers or the community of the Kentucky Derby is reached with the Gospel or as said earlier it is saturated with the Gospel.

The opposite view of ministry is to arrive for a couple of hours on one or both days of the Kentucky Derby or in illustration #1 a couple of hours during one game for the pro football team. The Word preached is always efficacious and those souls who hear the Word during that time are edified.

But the Community of the Kentucky Derby weekend or the pro football team is not reached which again is the goal of SFOI. SFOI believes the goal os reaching the community allows the Word to penetrate the community more deeply both in the lives of individuals and in the community as a whole. The Word leavens more when it is sown and watered more abundantly. Or you can say the Kingdom comes and is established more firmly with it is proclaimed and ministered more consistently.

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