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Open Air Preaching: Distributing a tract

Tracts are simply pieces of paper with a Gospel message printed on them. Like reading the Bible well written tracts can bring forth a response from souls passing by at a major sporting event.

In the picture you see Heath handing a tract to a fan. The goal in distributing the tract is to place it in your hand so the fan can read the title; extend your arm so the fan can easily take it and say something like, “Would you like one?”, “Did you get one yet”, “The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ”.

You let the Holy Spirit bring forth conviction and if that happens they will simply reach our their hand to take it.

On each tract is a web site for further information.

The ideal situation is that tracts are distributed by the team during the preaching creating a Gospel net for fans who are convicted to repent and search for the Lord.

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