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Many people speculate about the effectiveness of open air preaching, etc. and we, out of a sense of respect enter into these discussions with a genuine desire to persuade people that yes it is effective and here’s how.

Often these discussions end up being discouraging to us and lead us to quit or not be as enthusiastic as we were.

At the end of the day our job is to preach the Word. In season and out of season. Every time I preach the Spirit moves, the Word is sown and watered, and people respond.

While it would probably be unfruitful to encourage you to ignore those who inquire about our open air evangelism I would encourage you to set before yourself 2 Timothy 4:2 and just do it.

Don’t let the nay sayers, cowards and unconverted persuade you to quit. Somebody somewhere will always tell you to quit. Ignore the noise and Preach the  Word!

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