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Open Air Preaching: Location

How do you select a good location for preaching? In general you look for steady foot traffic where you can stand without blocking the traffic.

The picture is from the Final Four in Minneapolis. You can see the Light Rail to the front right signifying that it would be unloading people all day who were attending the Final Four Fan Fest on Nicolette Mall and who were simply going to work or to shop. This created constant foot traffic.

Plus to the far right of the picture you can see the corner of the building. That means two sidewalks converged at this corner as well.

So you have people unloading and loading on the Light Rail, fans walking on Nicolette Mall and local citizens going to and fro at this intersection.

Plus the building’s design had a place that was set back about 2 – 3 feet from the busy portion of the sidewalk so you can stand there and preach all day without interfering with the people.

This in general describes an excellent location for preaching in a downtown area during a major sporting event.

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