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You want more to preach more but your schedule doesn’t look like you have time.  What do you do?

#1 Pray to the Lord of the harvest to provide you more time in your schedule.

#2 Critically evaluate your existing schedule to see where you are wasting time. This would mean look for where you have 2 – 3 hours that aren’t scheduled for your family, home or work. Maybe’s it’s one evening per week or on Saturday.

#3 Schedule a consistent time where you go out weekly.  Allow your existing schedule to accommodate and reorganize to include this preaching time.

#4 See where and how you can more efficiently and routinely lead your family in your daily devotions. Eliminate any haphazard approach.

#5 Eliminate all time wasting, non-edifying activities in your week.  Turn off the TV. Hire someone to cut your grass and do any work around your house that you don’t have to do personally.

#6 If your entire week is filled with work and family time then take one evening or four hours on a Saturday each week to preach.  Your family benefits from your increased steps of faith.

#7 Take a long term view of your schedule.  Schedule a mission trip six months from now.  Make this type of trip annual and when your schedule adjusts to accommodate one trip add a second annual trip.

#8 The key: incremental steps. Take incremental steps to reorganize your calendar to provide yourself the time to preach. As your calendar adjusts to the initial change then add another time to go preach.


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