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Friday at the Kentucky Derby an officer approached team leader Bobby McCreery about amplification. Stating it was too loud the office cited a code and told them to turn it off or Bobby would be given a citation.

Bobby is an expert in reviewing city codes. He found the code and realized there were stipulations in the code that the officer did not mention allowing amplification to be used.

Through Bobby’s experience he knew the officer was not accurately enforcing the code and seemed to have “something” against the preaching. Especially in light of the fact SFOI has been preaching with amps at the Derby for 10+ years.

Instead of fighting with the officer Bobby demonstrated consideration for his position.  They interacted once more that morning when Bobby ultimately asked to speak to the officer’s supervisor.  Finally the officer disappeared and did not return Friday or Saturday.

The point was that Bobby demonstrated patience with the officer and interacted with him as a civil magistrate and minister of God [Roman 13:1-7].  In the end God’s will that the Gospel be preached was accomplished.  Therefore seek to be patient with your interactions with authorities.

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