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Weekly Report – Sports Fan Opportunities: NBA

Potential Souls Reached: 22,000,000+

SFOI preached at the Atlanta Hawks games at then Philips Arena capacity 18,000 for several years straight. The Hawks and all NBA Teams play 41 home games over the course of 7 months: October to April.

Philips Arena was an excellent ministry venue and if their were crowds of 5,000 or larger there was a steady flow of people to hear the Gospel and be ministered to; plus there were many of the same people at the Hawks games who were at the Falcons games thus making SFOI’s ongoing ministry to sports fans even more fruitful.

NBA attendance statistics:

30 teams, 1,230 games.

Overall attendance: More 22 million fans attended an NBA game in 2019 establishing a new record for total attendance. The average attendance per game of 17,987, was also the highest NBA regular season average of all-time.

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