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Weekly Report: Cricket World Cup – the team at work

Seven evangelists spend 14 days in London, England and three other cities, Nottingham, Southampton and Bristol, bringing the Gospel to the CWC fans and local citizens. For all the pictures visit: CWC Pictures.

The picture you see is a perfect representation of what happens when the team is ministering. First, you see to the left ‘Doc’ Schank preaching the Word in the Southampton City Centre. Southampton is home to the Hampshire Bowl where some CWC games were held.

To the right you see Dorothy, with the green back pack, and David, wearing khakis, speaking with a local citizen who had stopped to talk because she heard the preaching. She turned out to be a Christian who was praying for the city, etc.

There were also conversations that day with 2 local retired Christian ministers, a young homosexual, an angry young mom asking the often heard refrain ‘Where was God when..’ in her case someone had died, an enthusiastic new convert and more unhappy unbelievers.

That’s how the ministry works: preaching brings forth responses and Lord willing Gospel conversations providing opportunities to minister.

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