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Weekly Report: Cricket World Cup – ‘I want to be saved?’

The young man in the right of the picture heard Gerry preaching outside Victoria Station and walked up and said, “I want to be saved”.

He explained to Gerry that he felt demon possessed and that he was ready to be free from it.

Gerry ministered to him answered his questions, gave him a Bible and referred him to a church for discipleship.

Praise the Lord! As the Word was being sown and watered that morning one soul was apparently good ground and received the Word.

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  1. Gerry Collins

    This was my last day preaching in London and just as we were getting ready to leave he approached. I was privileged to share the gospel with him personally and to pray for him. Doc gave him his personal bible. He was a broken man under conviction and was so glad to hear the good news than Jesus can save him.
    All for Christ
    Gerry Collins

    July 4th, 2019 Reply

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