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Sports Fan Opportunities: College & Pro Football

Potential Souls reached: 53,885,092

SFOI will begin to recruit evangelists for its SFOI 1000 football program which is the movement to have the Gospel heard at every home college and pro football game.

Football has been our primary emphasis over the years with last year having the most participation yet with 25 evangelists committing to preach the Gospel at their home college or pro football games.

The following are the total numbers for the 2018 season:

College Football ‘18 NFL ‘18:
Teams: 129 Teams: 32

Games played: 877 Games played: 256

Average Attendance: 41,856 Average attendance: 67,042

Total Attendance: 36,707,511 Total Attendance: 17,177,581

As you can see football provides another tremendous opportunity for souls to hear the Gospel and since they play 6 – 8 regular season home games the commitment level time wise is actually less than for Major League Baseball.

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