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Sports Fan Opportunities:  Major League Baseball

Potential Souls reached: 17,406,311 – 34,812,622

July 6 – 9 is the Major League Baseball All-Star Celebration in Cleveland, OH.  SFOI has been at 15 All-Star Celebrations since 2000 with 6 evangelists scheduled to be in Cleveland.

The official statistics are that #### of fans visit the host city each year to participate in All-Star events.

Major League Baseball regular season presents a tremendous opportunity to reach fans:

30 teams play 2,430 total games.

Based on official numbers from the league, attendance was 69,625,244 over 2,415 dates, or an average of 28,830 per game.

Lord willing for next season the SFOI 1000 effort will be implemented for MLB which means there would be an evangelist initially at 25 – 50% of the games. That would represent 17,406,311 – 34,812,622 souls reached with the Gospel. 

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