Location of Event: London, England & Cricket cities.

The plan is to stay in London and preach in the respective city where the game of the day is being played.  You can see the fixture schedule: ICC Cricket Fixtures.

There are 4 games in London, 2 in Cardiff, 3 in Bristol and 3 in Southhampton.

Event Leader: Bill Adams

Dates: June 1 – 15th, 2019

Ministry Schedule: TBA

Accommodations: The Highbury Centre.

Airport pickup: You ride the Tube from Heathrow to the accommodations.

Meals: Breakfast at The Highbury Centre.

Speakers:  TBA

Cost: $1,500 + airfare + train to Cricket games in other cities. 

Registration information: There is room for 12 at The Highbury Centre:  8 single rooms and 2 double occupancy rooms.

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Below is a map with the six venues typed out. This page has the list of Fixtures in chronological order: ICC-Cricket.com