Joe Hinson will be heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Dallas Cowboys home football games this 2018 season.


Next outreach is: Sunday, September 30th outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff with kickoff  at 12:00 pm (noon) CT as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Detroit Lions.


Joe will be outside of AT&T Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 940-230-7477


If you have any questions, please let one of them know.


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Game Summaries

9/16 – NY Giants

Tom Sadowski and I got there about 2 and half hours before game time. We setup on a busy corner, I preached first for about an hour. The crowds were a mix of people in favor of us, and ambivalent or even hostile to us. Every few minutes the corner would fill up 50 to 60 people. Tom was would handing out tracts while I was doing quick gospel presentation. After an hour we switched. I passed out a lot of tracts somewhere over a hundred. Had some guys who claimed to be Jewish who would not take it. Also I had one guy who I suspect to be a black Hebrew Israelite look me in the face tear my tract in half an throw it on the ground. Then when the crowds were their most dense we had a visit from Black Lives Matter protesters there were about a dozen of them and they proceeded to march around the intersection carrying a US flag hung upside-down. All in all it was a pretty interesting outreach.