One of the three primary distinctives of Sports Fan Outreach is fellowship. This is accomplished at multiple day events by staying at the same place and traveling together to and from the ministry location.

This constant time together allows for informal and ongoing conversations to occur throughout the duration of the outreach. Since we stay in same place conversations can begin first thing in morning over coffee and Bible study through to the evening when we end the day with prayer.

The time together bonds the team together in a God given way that is priceless. Christian fellowship has been bought with a price and to fully enjoy and maximize this gift is the purpose of the fellowship at SFOI events.

To fully participate in an SFOI outreach and to partake of this gift, you will be required to stay together at the accommodations provided for the entire event. If you chose not to stay with the group at the event, then you cannot take part in the outreach, as it is not productive to the three primary distinctives of Sports Fan Outreach and our policies.