Join Heath Pucel and his team in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Green Bay Packers home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Sunday, October 20th outreach begins around 10:00am with kickoff at 12:00 pm CT as the Green Bay Packers take on the Oakland Raiders.

Heath will be on Armed Forces Drive near the Don Hutson Center. For parking, we are able to use Highland Crest Baptist Church lot.

If you can make it, it is imperative to let him know!

Heath will be outside of Lambeau Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 920-423-5676.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

Check out his ministry at:

Look for updates on twitter: @HeathPucel

Pre-Season Home Games

7:00pm CT
Houston Texans
7:00pm CT
Kansas City Chiefs

Home Game Schedule

12:00pm CT
Minnesota Vikings
12:00pm CT
Denver Broncos
7:20pm CT
Philadelphia Eagles
7:15pm CT
Detroit Lions
12:00pm CT
Oakland Raiders
12:00pm CT
Carolina Panthers
12:00pm CT
Washington Redskins
12:00pm CT
Chicago Bears

Game Summaries

9/15 – vs. Minnesota

Jesus Didn’t Wear a Microphone

This was the premise of a professing Christian who did not like the preaching of the Word in the open air, although he was dressed in a Packer jersey, sunglasses and Bluetooth headphones. During this exchange, he continued to tell us this is not how Jesus would have shared the Gospel, it was all about love and living your testimony.  He also was very disrespectful to the personal space so much so that other people, who were watching who were not believers turned on him and even told him to walk on and leave us alone. He persisted to his detriment that the police were called to talk with him and share with him to be respectful and not harass the preacher or move on. We pray that this man would be convicted unto repentance.

Overall it was a similar ministry time with many sharing their view of who God was to them with comments such as “God loves everyone.” “I worship Satan.” “ Gods not real.” “I gave up Santa Claus in grade school.” There were also many believers who brought thanks and encouragement as they walked by  and took a tract. We are definitely establishing a consistent presence with our hometown crowd as well as the visiting teams.

We were fortunate to have Greg Fischer, Dan Walczyk, Dan Davis, Dan Beyer and myself as our ministry team.

8/29 – vs. Kansas City

Can God forgive me for an abortion? There is proof for the flying spaghetti monster!

Tonight was the last preseason Green Bay Packer game and giving us a taste to let us know the season is upon us. We had seven team members:  Pastor Chad Gouin, Dan Beyer, Dan Davis, Dan Walczyk, Greg Fischer, Heath Pucel and Mike Henke.

Here are some highlights from the ministry time:

While Dan Davis was preaching, a woman yelled from the crowd “Can God forgive me for an abortion?” Dan replied that God can forgive any sin if we repent. What we also did not know until after the ministry time was over, is Pastor Chad was able to walk with the woman and share with her the reason Jesus was sent was to pay for sins and especially murder. He was able to leave her with a tract.

Also another Packer fan whom we have talked with in the past, came up to Heath while preaching and started yelling in his face that there is proof for the flying spaghetti monster and asking why he didn’t believe in him. Heath replied, “Easy, He doesn’t exist.” Other team members were able to run interference and try to talk with him. Additionally while Heath was preaching, a fan threw something at him, Pastor Chad was able to share with him that he could be cited for assault and his facial expression was sobering.

What a joy to lift up His name to the Packer fans! Although we have had those who mock and scoff at the preaching;  we have had those who came by and encouraged us and thanked us for being out there. Pastor Chad had the experience of his first outreach and overheard some fans state something to the effect of “They are always here!” What a testimony to the stability and faithfulness of our team.

8/8 – vs. Houston Texans

“Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest’.” Matthew 9:37-38 (ESV)

Our team has been praying diligently for more laborers to proclaim the Gospel at our Packer games; every so often we have a team of 10-15 and some others are out sharing infrequently. This year and particularly this outreach we were encouraged to see three additional groups sharing the Gospel at the pre-season game. We got a chance to meet and talk with most of them and were abele to encourage one another.

We were also blessed to have Warren and Darlene Marquardt in the area and able to witness with us. Such a blessing to labor and fellowship with our dear brother and sister. During the three hours we were able to preach to the crowds and hand out many tracts but some of the most heartbreaking comments from the fans were “I was baptized many years ago, so I am good.” When Warren questioned him further he stated he did not need to be saved. Additionally there was a professing believer who claimed he was a Christian for 17 years but since he has done his research he no longer believes. Pray that the Lord would open his eyes from the blindness of the god of this world.

We had a total of seven laborers and I thank God for them all and their faithfulness: Dan Davis, Dan Beyer, Dan Walczyk, Greg Fischer, Warren and Darlene Marquardt and myself.

More About Heath:

Heath Pucel – Green Bay, WI

My name is Heath Pucel. I’ve been married 15 years a wonderful wife who keeps me humble. I live in Green Bay Wisconsin, and have a passion for teaching and training the Word. The Lord graciously granted me repentance unto salvation and from my false conversion in 2004 when I was praying in my naivety for how to share my faith Biblically. I attended previous witnessing training but it was more lifestyle evangelism; but in 2004, not only did he show me how, He also brought me to repentance in faith through the ministry of Living Waters. Since then, I’ve had a desire and burden to share the Gospel in Green Bay, around the country and abroad. My past experience with evangelism has opened up opportunities for me to attend outings such as: 2008 Ambassadors Academy #3, 6 Super Bowl Outreaches, 5 Kentucky Derby Outreaches, OAC SET 2012 and 2013. The Sweet Auburn Festival, ministry at ASU, UW Stevens Point and Madison campuses. Numerous local events such as Walleye weekend, Wisconsin State Fair, Jehovah’s Witness conventions, and Green Bay Packer Games. God has given me the privilege to meet up with faithful saints locally and across the country to labor and minister His word in the open air as well as lead outreach teams with all praise, glory and honor to His name.