SFOI is looking for men who believe they are called to evangelistic work or who have a passion for souls to hear the Gospel to spend the three days proclaiming the Gospel to the University of Michigan and Detroit Tiger fans.

Event Leader: Jason Bradshaw is the hosting the third annual Michigan Football Weekend. The dates are to Sept 15 – 17.

This year there’s a change in line up from one Michigan and one Lions game to one Michigan and two Detroit Tigers games.

Here are some pictures from last year’s Michigan Football Weekend ’15  & MFW ’16.

If you have a desire to spend three days fellowshipping and laboring with other evangelists so the fans can hear the Gospel and be provided the opportunity to respond then plan to join us today.  The details are below including the link to take you to the registration page.

Daily schedule:

Ministry Schedule Friday: Meet at Jason’s house at 3:00 PM for an hour of prayer then travel together to  Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers host the Chicago White Sox at 7:10 PM. Ministry time 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Ministry Schedule Saturday: Meet at Jason’s house at 7:00 AM for an hour of prayer then depart for ministry at the The Big House where the University of Michigan hosts Air Force in Ann Arbor at Noon.  Afterwards travel together to Comerica Park for ministry before the 6:10 PM Tigers game. Then travel to Jason’s house for dinner at 8:00 PM.

Ministry Schedule Sunday: Meet at Jason’s house at 8:00 AM for an hour of prayer then travel together to Comerica Park where the  Detroit  Tigers host the Chicago White Sox at 1:10 PM. Ministry time 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM.

Accommodations: Jason is coordinating housing. Evangelists from outside of Detroit are scheduled to stay with Jason. If necessary there are convenient hotels.

Airport pick up: You will be picked up at the airport if you fly into Detroit. Simply email your itinerary to Hannah at: info@sfoi.org

Meals: Everyone is invited to Jason’s house for breakfast and dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday.

Speakers: None on this trip.

Costs: None except incidentals like your meals at The Big House and Tiger Stadium and contribute to the gas cost.

Registration Information: This event is for men and women. Men only can stay at Jason’s house.

Next Step: Register by clicking on the SFOI logo below. Once you register and are approved you will receive further information including but not limited to an event waiver and payment information. You will also be asked to submit a bio and picture to be posted on the event pages.

Questions about how SFOI works: If you have not previously participated in an SFOI outreach then visit these pages to help you understand the work of the ministry: SFOI Distinctives; the goal of SFOI;  what to expect at an SFOI eventSFOI Vision and Mission statementsRegistering for an event.


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Ministry Team

Bill Adams – Chattanooga, TN

Bill Adams has been preaching full-time for 17 years. He has preached in every English speaking country in the Western World except Ireland, plus other nations like Brazil, Italy, Germany and Greece. He has stood before millions of souls heralding the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After 17 years all Bill can say is, “Inspired by my heroes of the faith the Apostle Paul and John the Baptist who both pointed their hearers to Christ Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, all I know is Christ crucified. All that my old man held dear is but dung and dying daily. I press forward toward the mark knowing Christ more and more. See Philippians 3:7-16 for a Biblical explanation of my perspective and goal.”

Bill is married and has four children. He is a commissioned evangelist of the Diocese of the Central States of the Reformed Episcopal Church which is part of the Anglican Church of North America and is presently enrolled in the Masters of Theology program at Union School of Theology headquartered in Oxford, England. You can read Bill’s personal theological thoughts here: Bill Adams’ Theological Writings: Views from an Evangelist.

Jason Bradshaw – Riverview, MN

Hi I’m Jason Bradshaw.  I’m 34 years old.  I’m married to a blessing from the Lord named Kelly.  We have been married for almost 5 years.  We don’t have any children but we have a dog that we treat like a son lol.  For roughly 20 years I believed I was a Christian, but after practicing a lifestyle of deliberate sin against God, the Lord granted me the gift of repentance and faith!  My life has never been the same.  I finally realized that the sinner’s prayer does not save.  King Jesus saves!  I’m so blessed and forever grateful to be adopted as one of God’s children.  I’m a recruiter by trade, but the Lord has ignited a strong desire in me for evangelism.  It still amazes me to this day that the Lord would give me so much joy in sharing the Gospel!  I’m so blessed to be able to share this passion with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  Praise Jesus!

Pamela Carney – Farmington, MI

My name is Pam Carney, and I was born in 1970 and born again in September 2012.  I love Jesus and live to serve Him.  He saved me when I was unmarried, and as I remain in the condition in which He saved me, I am free to have undivided devotion to Him.  Therefore I am free to be used by God for the work of evangelism, which I love!  My purpose in life is to serve Him, as long as I physically can, in this way.

I have no children and live in the Detroit Michigan metro area.  I worship and serve at a reformed Baptist church.  Besides witnessing at sporting events with the brethren, I witness outside of abortion clinics and various festivals during the year.   By God’s grace and the Holy Spirit power, I am able to share the Gospel at my job and also whenever the Spirit leads me.   May God be with you!

Jeff Mardling – Ontario, Canada

My name is Jeff – Not only am I a born again follower of Jesus Christ, I have been cleverly disguised as a funeral director in Chatham-Kent, Ontario.  I have been married to my wonderful wife Susan since 1995 and we have three sons, Cameron, Joel and Noah.  I have a passion for the lost and help lead a weekly evangelism team from our church on the streets of London, Ontario.  I also serve with a local missions ministry and outreach broadcast called The Cross Current and TCCRadio.com

Ivan Town – Allen Park, MI

My name is Ivan and I live in Michigan near Detroit.  I was born in a much more rural section of the state eventually got my BS in computer science.  But don’t think I’m a math pro – I had to make up for serious slacking by summer classes, a 5th year and tons of grace. (that I was unaware of at the time)


I got married and we moved to Maine for her med school adventure.  It’s a beautiful place.  Be sure to stop through there if you can.  In Maine I was hired by my current employer.  I mostly do website programming.  They even let me work from home now that I’ve had to move away!  It’s been a tremendous blessing from the Lord to have this job which I love.


Our first son was born in Maine and our daughter was born while in residence in Quincy, Illinois.


All that time, I thought that I was a Christian.  I had no idea how ignorant and foolish I was.  During a difficult marital time, the Lord opened my eyes and commandeered my life.  Romans 8:28 burned it’s reality into my soul soon after.  Although my marriage dissolved, our Master was leading me somewhere I never imagined.


I thank and praise the Lord for transforming an introvert like me into someone who is completely willing to be a fool for Christ.  As it seems to be our Lord’s custom, He continued to astound me by raising up some like-minded evangelism crazies like me at my church!


I’m grateful to be able to serve the body as a foot.  I’m so happy to be saved from myself.  I pray that I’m able to love Jesus more by loving his church.  I look forward to spending time with you in service to our Captain.

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