Join Terry Cohea in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Middle Tennessee State University home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Saturday, October 26th outreach begins around 11:30am with kickoff  at 2:30 pm CT as the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders take on the FIU Panthers.

Terry will be outside of Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 615-708-8314.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

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Home Game Schedule

6:00 pm CT
TN State
6:00pm CT
2:30 pm CT
2:30 pm CT
FL International University
3:30 pm CT
Rice University
3:30 pm CT
Old Dominion

Johnny ‘Red’ Floyd Stadium. Capacity: 30,788.

Game Summaries

10/5 – vs. Marshall

This was my third Outreach this season at MTSU’s Johnny Floyd Stadium. I was again solo and I preached the Gospel to many people and I handed out about 30 Gospel tracts. Several people stopped and listened to preaching. I had one conversation with a young lady who was as self righteous as they come, I presented her with the clear evidence that she had violated God’s Law but she consistently said she had never sinned, even when I asked her specific questions. I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or being facetious. Before she walked away I proclaimed to her that she was a sinner in Gods eyes no matter how good she claimed to be and she would face the judgment of God because of it, but Jesus Christ provides the only pardon. Hundreds maybe over a thousand heard the Gospel of Christ that day.

9/14 – vs. Duke

This was my second outing at MTSU’s Johnny Red Floyd Stadium. I was again solo and it was a great time of Evangelism. I was able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to more people this time than in the previous outing last week.

I arrived at the stadium at a few minutes past 3pm. This time I was on a mission to find a better location to minister at. This involved a lot of walking to start off my outreach. After walking around and observing I decided to set up on a sidewalk about 500 yds from the stadium where there was a lot of people moving around and congregating. I figured there was a good chance I would eventually be asked to move from there, but I decided to set up there anyway.

I began at first by handing out gospel tracts to passers by and promptly at 4pm I began to preach. I preached for about 30 minutes before as I suspected, campus event staff approached me and asked if I had a permit. He and I had a short discussion about the campus policy and the law regarding free speech. He left and I then continued to preach for and additional 20 min or so before campus police came and spoke with me and asked me to move. The officers were both very kind and actually said they agreed with me that the campus policy should not trump the law. Never the less in doing their job they made me move and I complied. It seems it was the Lord’s will because I then walked out to MTSU Blvd where I knew for certain was a public street and I found a huge parking lot where people were walking from their cars to the stadium and I was able to preach the Gospel to even more people. The Lord blessed me that day to be able to proclaim the Gospel to many souls.

9/7 – vs. TN State

My first time at Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium, was a good time of Evangelism, and also a time of learning the campus and stadium, getting a feel for the flow of the crowds and areas that are good do evangelism.

This first outing I was solo. I arrived at the stadium approx 3:00pm I found a good spot at the corner of Faulkenberry and MTSU blvd. I set up and began open air preaching there at around 3:30pm, I preached first for about an hour and a half continuously. The spot I was at was right next to a main road traffic light, so cars would stop at the traffic light and many people had their windows down because the weather was fairly cool, a couple people were engaging me from their car. During that time many people heard the gospel and about a half dozen people stopped to say they were encouraged and wanted to encourage me. I took a break from preaching and handed out some tracts for 30 min or so. I preached once more for a little over an hour, this time the foot traffic was a bit more. Toward the end of my preaching, a young man named Andrew approached me and he said he was a Christian and he was very encouraged by my preaching the Gospel. Andrew and I talked for a little while and he told me that he is a student there at MTSU and he expressed great interest in joining me to be apart of the Labor of proclaiming the gospel on one of my outings. I gave him some encouragement to spur him on a bit, and I exhorting him to join me there at the next MTSU outreach. I have contacted him since then and he plans to join me soon.

More About Terry:

Terry Cohea – Machester, TN

My name is Terry Cohea, I am originally from Nashville, TN. My family and I currently live just outside Manchester, TN. I have a wonderful wife named Jodie and I have three children; a son named Amos, and twin daughters, Abigail and Gabriella. I have been a born again Christian since 2004 always with a passion to share Jesus with others, however I allowed the postmodern church culture to suppress that desire for many years. The Lord awakened me out of that suppressive deception in 2015, after I met my wife Jodie and she introduced me to the ministry of Ray Comfort. The more I watched Ray and learned about his ministry, the strong desire to evangelize revived within me. I went through his online school of Biblical Evangelism, listened to True and False Conversion and Hell’s best kept secret and I knew I had to go out and boldly proclaim the Gospel. During all of his I Open Air Preached for the first time March of 2016, since then my walk with the Lord hasn’t been the same and has gone to new heights. I met another preacher that was already with SFOI named Jamie Terry through a mutual friend. I began going out and doing Evangelism with him a couple times a month for over a year. Jamie then introduced me to Bill Adams with SFOI and in June of 2019 I attended the George Whitefield training program. God’s will continues to move me down this path and I am so thankful to Him for that. I love proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He is so very worthy to be magnified.