NFL International has five games slated for London next fall. The dates are TBA>

If you believe you are called to full-time evangelistic work this is also the perfect time to get trained for that work.  Hands on experience and teaching from seasoned evangelists plus discussions of administrative support SFOI provides evangelists through the George Whitefield Program will be discussed.

Everyone who participates must stay at the house the entire outreach.  This facilitates fellowship one of the three distinctives of SFOI.

Accommodations: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Airfare: you purchase your ticket on your own if flying in from another country.

Cost of the trip:   $3,000 from the US [which would include airfare, accommodations in London, travel on the Tube and meals. The only amount you pay to SFOI is the accommodations cost.]

All other costs you purchase on your own.  That means you purchase your own air fare, your own Oyster Card to ride the Tube in London and your own meals.  This means the total cost could be less than $3,000 depending on your air fare.

It is possible for SFOI to do the work of searching for flights and purchasing your air fare for you. In that case you would reimburse SFOI.  You would simply need to notify us so the fight details could be discussed. You would ultimately pay for the flight using the link below.

The Tube cost is fixed.  Plan on $17 per day.

A general amount to budget once you arrive in London is $100 per day.  That would consist of:

$17 Tube cost

$40 Accommodations

$43 meals

That would make the total non-air fare cost roughly $1,100.


Payment Page: NFL London.

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