Saints, the 2016 NHL All-Star Weekend is being held January 29 – 31 in Nashville, TN.

The games are being played at Bridgestone Arena.


The Schedule


5:00 Registration at Joe Davis Outdoor Center (YMCA).

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Preaching and evangelism in downtown Nashville.


7:00 AM Prayer

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Speaker

Noon – 8:00 PM Ministry in downtown Nashville


7:00 AM Prayer

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Speaker

Noon – 6:00 PM Ministry in downtown Nashville.

Jamie Terry is coordinating the outreach.


Joe Davis Outdoor Center [YMCA]

Costs: $120 for three days. Includes accommodations plus meals.


Event Payment

NHL All-Star Weekend


Pastor Stephen Gambill

Stephen Gambrill

Stephen Gambill grew up in Southern Indiana with music as his greatest interest, first serving in the Army band and then on the road as a drummer in a rock band. His idolatrous attachment to this lifestyle eventually led to a divorce from his wife Kimberly. His life continued to go into a downward spiral until the Lord, in His mercy, called Stephen by the Gospel in December of 1990. Eventually the Lord would also save Kimberly and they would remarry. He attended Trinity Ministerial Academy in NJ and became involved with a Reformed Baptist church planting work in Nashville. He was recognized as the founding pastor in the Spring of 2000. Stephen and Kimberly now have two children, Hannah and Joshua. Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville, TN

Those attending:

Bill Adams – Atlanta, GA

Bill Adams

Bill Adams was raised in the church, Baptist and Methodist, and has never in his life not known of or considered God in his life.In 1988 upon graduation from Belmont University’s Masters in Business program the Lord personally entered Bill’s life and called Bill to follow Him. That began a 27 year journey of following Jesus Christ and growing in the grace and knowledge of Him.

In 1995 the Lord called Bill to begin to go into the highways and hedges to preach the Word and in 2000 Bill became a full-time evangelist.

In the early years Bill preached at seemingly every concert, sporting event, parade and festival in Atlanta and simultaneously the Lord led him to travel to major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Final Four and Olympics to preach.

In 2007 Sports Fan Outreach [SFOI] was born as an effort to bring more Saints with him to preach at these sporting events and now through the SFOI George Whitefield program Bill is seeking men who believed they are called into full-time evangelism to join him to saturate the Western World with the Gospel.

Over the years millions of souls throughout the Western World have heard the Word through Bill’s preaching and the great delight of his life is knowing and preaching Jesus Christ crucified.

Bill is married and has three children. He is a commissioned evangelist of the Diocese of the South of the Anglican Church of North America, is a member of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, GA and is presently enrolled in the Masters of Theology program at Wales Evangelical School of Theology [WEST]. You can read Bill’s frequent theological thoughts at his blog: Anglican Evangelist.

Saki Arthur – Duluth,GA

Saki- Arthur

In July 13, 2010, I started Good News Evangelism Ministries which eventually became Gospel Street Ministries. I currently open-air preach at the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

After graduating from Liberty University in ‘99’ with a BS in Communications, I enrolled at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a degree in Masters of Arts in Religion. After my scholarship ran out, I felt the Lord was leading me to leave seminary and head back home to Mansfield, Massachusetts. It was in Mansfield, Mass, that the Lord reaffirmed his calling on my life and prompted me to open-air preach. However, I didn’t start open-air preaching until I moved to Georgia and met Keith Higgins, Bill Adams, Bobby McCreery and several other evangelists.

I currently attend the International House of Prayer in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I’m involved in I.H.O.P’s evangelistic outreach to the students of Georgia Gwinnett College.

Adam Cutshaw – Manchester, TN

Adam Cutshaw

Adam Cutshaw is an unworthy slave of Christ and knows obedience to God’s commands is merely doing what an unworthy slave should do (Luke 17:10). Adam was raised in a Christian fundamentalist home and made multiple false professions of faith throughout his life. For several years during and after college God brought much sadness, despair and a sense of guilt that continued to cause conviction of sins and a reality of being lost. After several years of searching, God graciously revealed to Adam the truths and realities found in the Doctrines of Grace. Adam began to understand even the faith to believe in Jesus for salvation was a gift of God (Eph. 2:8). One morning while alone and under the moving of the Holy Spirit, Adam cried out to God for salvation and God graciously saved a self-righteous, unworthy sinner. Adam is married to his wife of nine years, Whitney and has a daughter Karaline (4) and a son Kalel (2). He has been a city police officer, a semi-professional football player, a body guard and diamond transporter, a federal government security contractor and is currently a Master Barber. Adam is on an “elder track” in his local church, is enrolled in Ekklesia Theological Seminary, is currently teaching through the book of Hebrews to the adult Sunday School and teaches/preaches weekly at the government housing projects in his home town. Adam and his family live in southern middle Tennessee on the banks of the Duck River. Adam desires to be used by God however God directs.

Steven Ely – Newnan, GA

Steven Ely

My name is Steven Ely, I’m 25, I’ve been married to my wife Summer for a little over three years. We have one 2 year old son, Greyson, and one more on the way, Asher. I’m nobody special, but the Lord has done an amazing work by saving me through the shed blood of Christ Jesus. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but we went to Catholic church on some holidays. I was saved at the age of 16 after the bold witness of my high school art teacher, who brought me to a good solid church and personally discipled me before and after school. Soon after being saved, the Lord put the burden to witness and evangelize on my shoulders. Since then, I’ve been doing all that I could think of to share the glorious gospel of Christ to my coworkers, peers, friends, cashiers, and anyone else that I could build a relationship with in order to do “friendship evangelism”, but then I met Lady Wisdom in Psalm 1:20 and George Whitefield. God then opened my mind to the biblical wisdom of street preaching. So, now I have started preaching the good news of the Good Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in from of my local abortion mill and some other random places with faithful brother. I hope all that come into contact with me forget my name, but may they never leave my presence without remembering the beautiful name of Jesus, the only name by which man can be saved.

Mark Yoho – Sugar Valley, GA

Mark Yoho

Mark was raised in a non-Christian home in Canton Ohio with a little exposure to Roman Catholicism. Upon Graduation from High school in 1983 he served 3 years active duty military in the US Army. Shortly after discharge, the Nation being in an economic recession, Mark moved to the Atlanta Georgia area seeking employment.

There he met the love of his life and they lived together for 10 years. Through alcohol, drugs, and the pursuit of personal wealth Mark suffered the loss of family and all of his possessions. It was during this time that Mark walked into Newtown Baptist Church in Calhoun GA and heard Pastor David Ray preach a sermon titled, “You must be born again.” As soon as the invitation was given Mark met Pastor Ray in the altar where he repented of sin and trusted CHRIST as his personal Savior. On March 29, 1998 Mark Yoho was born again and life began to radically change. Mark began to share his newfound faith in CHRIST immediately and continued to make it a lifestyle.

Seven months later GOD restored his relationship with the love of his life, he and Gynnette were finally and forever married. Four years later, February 17, 2002, GOD called Mark to preach as an evangelist. As an evangelist Mark has traveled all across the US conducting evangelistic outreaches, teaching evangelism, and preaching revivals. Much of the evangelistic outreaches have been in the inner city and at major events. Since December 1, 2007 Mark has served GOD as a full time vocational evangelist in his own ministry, the Fourth Watch Evangelistic Ministry www.fourthwatchministry.com.

Mark and Gynnette live in the little community of Sugar Valley, nestled in the mountains of North Georgia. They have two married children and their home church is Grove Level Baptist Church in Dalton GA www.grovelevel.org


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