The NHL All-Star games are being played in St. Louis, MO January 24 – 26.  Here’s the present official details: St. Louis, MO to Host NHL All-Star Weekend.

Here are pictures from SFOI’s outreach to the NHL All-Star Weekend the last two years: ’17, ’16.

The following are the details of this year’s outreach:

Ministry schedule:


Airport pickup: email Hannah,, your itinerary and you will be picked up at the airport.

Meals: On your own. Not included in any cost.


Registration information: this event is for men.

Next Step: Register by clicking on the SFOI logo below. Once you register and are approved you will receive further information including but not limited to an event waiver and payment information. You will also be asked to submit a bio and picture to be posted on the event pages.

Questions about how SFOI works: If you have not previously participated in an SFOI outreach then visit these pages to help you understand the work of the ministry: SFOI Distinctives; the goal of SFOI;  what to expect at an SFOI eventSFOI Vision and Mission statements; Frequently Asked Questions; Registering for an event.

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