Join Kris Hudson in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the North Dakota State University home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Saturday, October 19th outreach will be around 12pm south of the Fargodome outside the Red USDA building with kickoff at 2:30 pm CT as the NDSU Bison take on Missouri State.

Kris will be outside of the Fargodome each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 701-429-8387.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

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Home Game Schedule

2:30pm CT
North Dakota
2:30pm CT
UC Davis
1:00pm CT
Northern Iowa
2:30pm CT
Missouri State
2:30pm CT
Western Illinois
2:30pm CT
South Dakota

Game Summaries

9/7 – vs. North Dakota

Going into the outreach I wasn’t sure if the weather would negatively affect conversation and tract opportunities. It was wet and rainy earlier that day but by the time I got to my evangelism spot there were mostly sprinkles or mist. The outreach consisted of three phases: tracts and attempted conversations, then first round of preaching, and stoplight preaching.

Phase 1: When I got to my evangelism spot there were a constant stream of foot traffic heading out of the stadium. I was able to hand out some tracts at first but then not that many people took tracts after that point. I did my best to let people know I was available to answer their questions but no one stopped to converse. There was a believer that was encouraged by the sharing of the gospel. 

Phase 2: I preached from the first 14 verses of Romans 3 once the mass exodus from the Fargodome took place. As I was preaching a professing Christian that walked by told me that I needed to preach the love of God to the crowds. I engaged him for a minute or so and went through scripture talking about God’s holiness and justice. The guy left soon after claiming that people have different views of God or something to that effect. Aside from that guy everyone else walked by hearing the preaching.

Phase 3: After the foot traffic died down I went to my stoplight preaching spot. As I was walking towards my next preaching spot I heard some officers say that car traffic would be directed away from a main drag near my second preaching spot due to a bad traffic accident. Fortunately by the time I got to this spot there were tons of cars waiting at the stoplight. I was able to stoplight preach to hundreds of people in their vehicles for about 30 to 40 minutes or so. I noticed several people winding down their windows to listen intently to the preaching. If you go to my Lefty for Biblical Evangelism Facebook page I posted a video of me stoplight preaching. 

More About Kris:

Kris Hudson – Fargo, ND

Kris Hudson has been evangelizing the streets of Fargo, North Dakota since August 2011. The areas that he has evangelized include stoplight preaching at various intersections in Fargo, Newman Outdoor Field (minor league baseball stadium), North Dakota State University (NDSU), F-M Pride Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Fargodome. Currently, he has been preaching by the Fargodome after NDSU football games. 

Kris grew up in a very solid Christian home. God had already saved both of his parents before they got married. When Kris was in first grade he said the sinner’s prayer. From that point on until his first year of college he thought he was saved because he said the prayer but in reality was unconverted. God started drawing him during his senior year of high school. God started to correct and reprove his worldly focus on life by letting him think about his own mortality. After that God used a local church’s college ministry to bring him truth about salvation. On December 30, 2009 God granted him repentance and faith after talking with a fellow Christian about salvation.

Kris got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics in 2013 from NDSU. He is currently seeking to become an actuary.

Kris attended Living Waters Ambassador’s Academy #20 in July 2011. God used that experience as a launching pad into regular street evangelism. He has also participated in Cru’s Big Break 2013 and 2014 outreaches and Super Bowl Outreach 2015 (Phoenix). He is really looking forward to continue to proclaim the gospel in San Francisco for SBO 2016. 

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