Michael Coughlin will be heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the Ohio State University home football games this 2018 season.


Next outreach is: Saturday, November 24th with kickoff  at 11:00 pm CT contact Michael for specifics regarding outreach times as the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Michigan Wolverines.


Michael will be outside of Ohio Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please review these rules and contact him at: mac@michaelcoughlin.net before doing so.

If you have any questions, please let him know.


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Game Summaries

11/3 – vs. Nebraska

I was actually beginning to be a little depressed near the end of the morning of November 2nd. Only 3 people had committed to meeting me at Ohio State for evangelism the next day. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for all those who accompany me and labor with me in the gospel. But there’s a strategic side of evangelism whereby we know that the more laborers there are, the better chance we have of reaching more people, and thus, reaching God’s elect.

My brief sadness was not only quickly overcome by our Lord Jesus Christ and His providence, but HE LITERALLY OBLITERATED it. To read the rest click here.

10/13 – vs. Minnesota


For the second time this season we had back to back Saturdays with an Ohio State football home game. This was a particularly exciting week because I had 8 fellow evangelists who wanted to join me! To read the rest click here.

10/6 -vs. Indiana


Oct 6 was the first game this season where we arrived after the game began. For the first three games this year, we would normally arrive about 3 hours before kickoff, and minister to the crowds as they walk to the game. To read the rest click here.

9/22 – vs. Tulane

Instead of a long report in paragraph form, I’ve decided to post “quick hit” updates from our Saturday, September 22 day of ministry/evangelism at THE Ohio State University football game vs Tulane. To read the rest click here.

9/8 – vs. Rutgers


Once again at the “corner of righteousness” we encountered a group of pornographers who were passing out their own “tracts” for admission to a local strip club. At the time they appeared, good brother Kurtis was preaching. To read the rest click here.

9/1 – vs. Oregon State

One important aspect of leading a team to evangelize is planning. Working with 5-10 people and trying to get people to agree on a time to meet can be difficult. One of the biggest time wasters is sitting in traffic waiting for parking. With a noon gametime, the goal it to get there by 9. Any earlier and it’s tough to get people out of bed! To read the rest click here.


Evangelizing with Michael Coughlin and the team through Sports Fan Outreach International has been nothing short of a genuine blessing from the Lord for me and my daughter. I am really thankful for the organizational structure of the ministry that gives it that ‘part of a team’ feeling whenever we go out to a game. It’s really comforting to know that Bill and his team are praying for us as we go out to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’d like to share a couple of standout experiences we’ve had so far this season.

A couple weeks ago a team of us were at an OSU post game outreach, surrounded by wave after wave of people and rickshaws (yes rickshaws – think giant tricycle with bench style seating in the back for 4 or more people). Whether you are trying to get to the OSU stadium for the start of a game or trying to get back to your car after a game, there will always be a willing rickshaw driver at your service. During this particular game while we were passing out Gospel tracts and Michael was preaching, I happened to be standing next to a rickshaw driver, who, was apparently asked a question by one of his patrons. Whatever the question might have been, it quickly prompted an answer from the rickshaw driver by him declaring, “Oh this guy? Yeah, he’s here every game. But he’s not like those other preachers that stand and yell at people, this guy actually just, like, reads the Bible and talks about Jesus a lot.”

This reply was very interesting me for two reasons; Number one, consistently being there week after week means something to these people, we are noticed, and we are paid attention to. Number two, because of them being able to consistently hear the true Gospel presentation week after week, they know the distinctiveness in street preachers that yell insults and condemnation at people and someone helping them see our condemnation by the Law of God and our remedy found in Christ Jesus. Of all the sermon takeaways this rickshaw driver had, he walked away with 2 notes: The Word God is preached consistently and Jesus Christ’s Gospel is proclaimed consistently. This was truly a blessing to my soul.

On another occasion Michael was boldly proclaiming the Gospel and no doubt quoting from the book of first John by declaring, “Jesus Christ is the propitiation for our sins!” My heart inside was declaring “amen and amen!” as I passed out another tract, when I overheard a group of young men and women snickering and scoffing. As I listened to them passing by, one of the young men asked his friends, “Did he say propitiation? How do you even spell that!?” He then went on to try and pronounce each syllable, slowly attempting to get each phonetic part of the word just right. I can still hear him saying out loud, “pro – pitch – e – a – shun”, as if he was trying to commit it to memory. My immediate thought was, this guy might go home and google “Jesus Christ propitiation” and get the Gospel again, or better yet, repent of his sins and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation! I think I said a quick prayer for him as he hurried along into the dark.

The most common objection to open air preaching is of course, “this isn’t the way Jesus would do it” and “nobody is listening to this.” We know from God’s Word in Romans 10:14 the question is asked, “And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” From my experience with the SFOI team in Columbus, OH, the team is preaching, faithfully, the Word of Christ. And the people? Well, they are indeed listening. Thanks for reading!  ~ Jason Roberts, October 13, 2018