SFOI is looking for ten men who want to be trained in open air preaching in the same means as the great evangelist of the 18th Century Rev. George Whitefield which is preaching sermons in the open air. You will have ample time to apply what you learn in the streets of the Rome of our day New York City.

Location of Event: New York City

Event Leader:  Bill Adams

Dates: May 24 – 27, 2019 

Ministry Schedule: 


5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Arrive at NYSUM. Fellowship and prayer.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

7:00 AM Prayer

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM – Noon training

Noon – 8:00 PM preaching in the streets of NYC.

Accommodations: NYSUM [New York School of Ministry].
31-10 47th St, Long Island City, NY 11103

Meals: breakfast is served at NYSUM Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Other meals are eaten while out preaching.

Airport pick up: Ride the Public Transportation to NYSUM. There is a Subway stop around the corner. [email Hannah your itinerary at: info@sfoi.org]


Rev. Al Baker. Al’s topics:

  • Seeking the Unction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praying in the Spirit.
  • Preaching in the Spirit.

Dr. Brad Evans

  • “I believed, therefore I have spoken”: The Approach to Preaching
  • “Study to show yourself approved”: The Integrity of Preaching
  • “Thus says the Lord”:  The Power and Glory of Preaching.

Registration Information:  Men only. Limited to ten total.

Cost: $199. Includes accommodations, breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and transportation to ride the Subway to various ministry locations. Pay here: NYC Training.

Next Step: Register by clicking on the SFOI logo below. Once you register and are approved you will receive further information including but not limited to an event waiver and payment information. You will also be asked to submit a bio and picture to be posted on the event pages.

Questions about how SFOI works: If you have not previously participated in an SFOI outreach then visit these pages to help you understand the work of the ministry: SFOI Distinctives; the goal of SFOI;  what to expect at an SFOI eventSFOI Vision and Mission statementsFrequently Asked Questions; Registering for an event.


Jason Cantrell – Kathleen, GA

I didn’t grow up as a Christian and from a very early age I enjoyed being a rebel. While in High School I got involved with alcohol and drugs and was arrested for the first time my senior year. By the age of 21, my sinful and self serving lifestyle led me into Federal Prison where I served 28 months. Praise be to the Lord that He used this experience to get my attention and turn my life around. He converted me while in prison and then sent a man to disciple me. We got to spend a year and a half just studying the Bible. I now look back on my time in prison with thanksgiving. After being released in 2000, I moved to Atlanta and joined a “house church” that met in a coffee shop in Little 5 Points. As a church, we tried to serve the community and be faithful witnesses in this dark neighborhood. We got to know, serve, and share the gospel with the locals, the homeless community, and with runaways. I still enjoy going down to Little 5 Points and sharing the gospel. For the past 3 years the focus of my ministry has been to pre-born children, their parents, and those involved in the abortion industry. I try to offer help to all those who want it in the name of Christ, but I believe in a gospel centered approach to this sin. I believe in preaching the gospel and calling sinners to repent and believe on Christ. I also try to encourage the church to be a voice for the voiceless and to take a stand against the American Holocaust.

Find Jason on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014069468616

Also visit his website – legalmurder.net

Joshua Richards – Belle Center, Ohio

The Richards Family minister with Calvary Bible Crusade http://www.calvarybiblecrusade.com under the leadership and support of Bill Adams with the George Whitefield Program and their home church Calvary Bible Church http://www.cbclima.org in Lima, Ohio.

Joshua is happily married to Rachael and they live with their son Isaiah in Belle Center, Ohio. The goodness of God led Joshua to repent of his sin and trust in Christ alone for forgiveness at a young age. Joshua is still a work in progress, but he thanks God for His grace in sending Jesus to save him from the hell he deserves, and sealing his soul unto the day of redemption for all eternity

Judah Ryoo – New York, NY

My name is Judah. Although brought up in a pastor’s home, I was not truly born again until I was in college, when the Lord displayed the gospel in my heart through a song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYFR11Iz-hE). Since then I have been indebted to live for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I count all things loss to know Him and His suffering and resurrection.



Daryl Updike – Bordentown, NJ

My name is Daryl J Updike. I am the husband of Karen Updike and father of Eleanor (aka Roo) Updike. I live in Bordentown NJ and currently work as a carpet cleaner. I have been a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ since 2012 when a friend gave me the movie “Fireproof.”  That’s when I heard the gospel. I realized I was not a good person and I needed a Savior. Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church I always thought I was good enough on my own and God would forgive me because I wasn’t that bad. But I know that is not the gospel. I need the grace of God to believe that Jesus died for me and bore the wrath that should have been mine. Now I get His righteousness. Ever since I started to trust in Christ I wanted to tell the world that they needed to trust in Him too. They need to repent and believe the gospel. I’ve felt called to evangelize and preach. Recently I enrolled as a student at Whitefield Theological Seminary in the M.Div program. I desire to study the word of God and tell the world Who He is and what He has done. I pray and can just be used by God for whatever He chooses. Romans 1:16 is a vs that I pray drives my life.

Find Daryl on Social Media at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/daryl.j.updike

Twitter: @DarylUpdike

Instagram: DarylJUpdike

Podcast: www.whatareweevendoinghere.com