Would you consider donating to Sports Fan Outreach International?

SFOI, Inc.
200 W Martin Luther King Blvd
Suite 1000
Chattanooga, TN 37402

**If you want a tax deduction make the check payable to ‘SFOI, Inc.


This is a testimony from Rick Garland an evangelist in Bakersfield, CA:

“I have been involved with SFOI since 2013 when I attended my first Super Bowl Outreach. I have since been to five Super Bowl Outreaches including the chance to lead teams to two of them. It has given me a chance to meet new friends and lern from others in the ministry.
SFOI has been a major encouragement in my own personal ministry and has helped me develop as a leader, a preacher and a christian. I have had the pleasure of representing them at a Seminary, and several outreaches including College football games and All Star weekends for the MLB and NHL. I wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Sports Fan Outreach and Bill Adams.”

These videos are testimonies of the Saints who’ve participated with SFOI.