SFOI joyfully announces its partnership with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship (PEF) and Third Millennium Ministries to offer Bible and Theological studies.

First, PEF under the name Samuel Davies School of Evangelism is offering an Associate of Applied Science in Evangelism Degree through Graham Bible College. The degree will be offered over three years with a combined total of 36 required credit hours.

The Associate of Applied Science in Evangelism is designed to prepare evangelists, laymen and church leaders in evangelism.  The main focus is on the biblical basis of evangelism and the various evangelistic ministries and strategies that are used in reaching the masses in all of the classes of life for the glory of God.

Details of the School including the schedule of upcoming classes and where to register can be seen on this page: Samuel Davies School of Evangelism.  These classes are held in Bristol, TN.


Sports Fan Outreach also endorses these seminaries and encourages you to attend to increase your study and knowledge of the Scriptures and Theology of our great God and Savior. Names listed to the right of the seminary are people at the seminary who’ve worked with us.

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary.  The Dean of the Seminary Dr. Sam Waldron.

London Seminary. Principal Dr. Robert Strivens.

Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Elias Medeiros, Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Ric Cannada,  Jonathan Stuckert, Dr. Rod Culbertson, Rev. James Saxon and Dr. John Oliver.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Dr. Timothy Beougher, Dr. Tom Schreiner, Dr. Hershael York, Kevin Smith, Dr. Bruce Ware, Dr. Stephen Yuille.

Toronto Baptist Seminary. Rev. Kirk Wellum.

Westminster Seminary California. Dr. John Fesko, President Joel Kim.