SFOI is offering theological studies through it’s partnership with Third Millennium Ministries .

The classes are free and can be credited in some situations to a seminary degree.

To enroll click here and follow the directions below:


#1 Create an account on the left hand side of the screen.

#2 You will receive a confirmation email after you enroll.

#3 Follow the instructions in the email.

#4 Then select the course under “Available Courses” like ‘Apostles Creed’ and click on the name.

#5 Then on the left side of the page under “Administration” block click on ‘Enroll me in this course’.

#6 Then click on the “Enroll Me” blue box in the center of the page and down half a page.

Here’s an example of a two year study plan: IIIM Recommended Order of Study.

Here’s options for Academic Credit: Academic Credit.