The SFOI 1,000 is a movement to have the Gospel preached Lord willing at every NCAA Division I college and NFL home game this fall.

There are 2 games the first week and 83 games the second week of NCAA Football Division I. There are 16 games in the first week of the NFL’s season.

Total: 99 games.

Will you join this movement and commit to preaching at every home college and/or professional game in your area for this fall season?  

For example if you commit and you lived in Tuscaloosa, AL you would commit to preach at every home Alabama game. Not just one or two but all the games.

There’s many reasons for committing to every home game:

1) Consistency makes a ministry more fruitful.

2) There are many people who will see you at the first game and ignore you but by the fifth game they are listening.

3) There are many people who work at the games and they would see you each week and you would learn to minister to them.

4) You’ll see people at the games who have perhaps seen you preaching at other venues.

5) Football games are the only sport/activity where the crowds are large every week.

6) You’ll grow as an evangelist and preacher from making a commitment, rearranging your schedule and being at each game.

7) You can recruit others to join you over the season who can join you at other events and for the next season.

What else is part of the SFOI 1000 Program?

  • Your picture, profile and the stadium at which you are preaching will be posted on the SFOI 1,000 preachers page and you will have your own page that will be promoted through social media.
  • You’ll receive free Chapel Library tracts.
  • You must submit a brief post game report with a couple of pictures that will be posted on the SFOI web site and social media pages.
  • If you want to commit but have never preached before or have no experience preaching at a football game training is offered.

If you have questions email Jason at:

Come on ‘Get in the Game’ and lift up your voice to tens of thousands of souls for our great God’s glory.

So if you are ready to join the movement and make the commitment then……Register here:

Committed Evangelists

Mike Amick – Tennessee Titans

The Lord saved me and called me into the ministry November 17th 1996. From the beginning I felt the call to preach and to do the work of an evangelist. My beautiful bride Dawn and I have 3 children and we have been in ministry together 20 years. I have served as a youth pastor and an associate pastor and we worked within the church for 15 years. During that time tent evangelism was a primary passion and focus of fulfilling the great commission. I have been indirectly involved with SFOI since 2013 and in 2017 I was invited to go to the Super Bowl outreach in Minneapolis Minnesota and I had never preached on the streets. Since then street ministry has been the main focus. I’m grateful to be a partner and fellow laborer with SFOI with so many dear saints who desire to see souls saved for Kingdom and The Glory of God.

Jason Bradshaw – University of Michigan

Hi I’m Jason Bradshaw.  I’m 34 years old. I’m married to a blessing from the Lord named Kelly.  We have been married for almost 5 years. We don’t have any children but we have a dog that we treat like a son lol.  For roughly 20 years I believed I was a Christian, but after practicing a lifestyle of deliberate sin against God, the Lord granted me the gift of repentance and faith!  My life has never been the same. I finally realized that the sinner’s prayer does not save. King Jesus saves! I’m so blessed and forever grateful to be adopted as one of God’s children.  I’m a recruiter by trade, but the Lord has ignited a strong desire in me for evangelism. It still amazes me to this day that the Lord would give me so much joy in sharing the Gospel! I’m so blessed to be able to share this passion with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  Praise Jesus!

Brady Brewer – University of Oklahoma

Brady Brewer is the husband of Trisha Brewer. They have five children, all boys, between the ages of 11 and 21. He has been a driver for FedEx Freight since 1998.  He lives in Norman, OK and attends Grace Place Baptist Church.

At the age of 14, Brady walked an aisle and prayed a sinners prayer.  He lived as a false convert until the age of 22, when God opened his eyes and saved him in 1997 through some good preaching and also through reading a gospel tract.

The years following, he always had a passion to hand out tracts and share the gospel with others.  He also had a strong desire to preach the gospel, but didn’t know exactly what that meant.

In 2008, Brady discovered Living Waters and through that ministry, was introduced to open air preaching.  He knew immediately that this was what God was calling him to do with the rest of his life.

Brady has been street preaching on a regular basis since May, 2009.  He has preached at Thunder basketball games, OU football games, Dallas Cowboy games, college campus at OU, abortion mills, and other places.  But he regularly preaches at the downtown bus station in OKC, in Bricktown around the theater, and in front of the clubs in Bricktown after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. He loves going to the same places over and over to develop a presence there.

Most of all, Brady just wants to please his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, as a husband, father, employee, in ministry, and every area of his life.

Alex Burt  – University of Georgia

My name is Alex Burt. I am married to a wonderful woman named Kim and we have two children. Kaitlyn is 21 and Luke is 16.

God found it in His mercy to save me in 1997 and I almost immediately felt the calling to take the Gospel of Jesus outside the four walls of the church. I remember hearing an old preacher say: “I hear all these young preachers complaining about not having anywhere to preach! Last time I checked, there was still a sidewalk out there!”

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, that triggered something inside me and before I knew it, I was outside our local Courthouse the first Saturday of every month preaching.

God really messed up my “normal” Christian life when I ran across Ray Comfort and his teaching, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”. After hearing that sermon and listening to it many times I knew God was calling me to open air evangelism. My job relocated my family to Arizona in 2004 and while living there I was able to attend the Ambassadors’ Academy in California. Immediately following the academy I began going to Mill Avenue, which is right beside Arizona State University, and sharing the Gospel on Saturday nights.

In God’s providence we relocated to Bethlehem, Ga. in 2009, with the University of Georgia only 20 miles away. I am blessed to be able to share the Gospel through tracts, one on one conversations and open air preaching in downtown Athens on Friday nights and before home football games.

Alex Burt

2 Corinthians 5:21

Dorothy Boyett – Texas Tech University

I became a Christian in the 70’s,. attended church faithfully and engaged in all the activities although I only shared my faith when asked. When I read Hell’s Best Kept Secret I understood true Biblical repentance versus false conversion. I started handing out tracts and enrolled in the school of biblical evangelism on-line. After attending the Great News Network boot camp in 2004 my life took on a new role I was now “going out of my way” to engage people in Biblical conversations.

I heard about the work Bill Adams was doing with Sports Fans Outreach and signed up for the Super Bowl outreach in Dallas. Since then I have attended several and had the opportunity to go with a team to my native England for several evangelistic events.

I am a member of Temple Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Each week I go to Texas Tech University to hand out tracts and do one-to one witnessing.

Helio Carneiro Boston College

Helio Carneiro is a licensed preacher for the Presbyterian Church of America in Southern New England Presbytery. He holds an MDiv from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently working on his Masters of Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Helio has collaborated with numerous church revitalizing projects on Pastoral staff at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Cambridge (MA) and currently serves as an itinerant preacher for SNEP. 


Ryan Clark – University of Oregon

I am so blessed! I recently celebrated 20 years of marriage, and the Lord has granted us 4 children. If we get the chance to serve the Lord together, you will likely meet, at a minimum, my sons. We live and preach the gospel here in Southern Oregon.

The Lord saved me at 15, and has faithfully brought me through many highs and lows. I studied at Moody Bible Institute and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary to be a pastor, but currently I am a teacher in a youth detention facility. 3 years ago I was encouraged to pray a prayer every day. So I set up a reminder, to give me a notice at 10:02 am. The prayer, taken from Luke 10:2: “Lord of the harvest, I pray you send workers into the field, for the harvest is ready, and the laborers are few.” When you ask the Lord to send out workers, don’t be surprised when He ends up sending you! For over a year now, I have joined up with other saints of God who minister throughout Oregon at fairs, festivals, parades, city streets, and everything in between. This is my second year preaching the gospel at the University of Oregon with SFOI.

Jamie ClarkUniversity of South Carolina

I was a false convert for most of my life, demonstrating no fruit nor love for the things of God. In 2003, a brother shared the Gospel with me, and, by God’s grace, I was brought to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Since that time, He has put on my heart a profound burden to reach out to a lost and dying world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knowing that He is man’s only hope.  With the blessing of our pastor at Lexington Baptist Church, I proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the open air, as well as distribute tracts and engage in individual conversations, on a weekly basis in downtown Columbia, SC , where the Lord has been gracious to allow me to serve as a leader for Gospel of God Ministries. I’m humbled for the opportunity to preach Christ through the ministry of Sports Fan Outreach, and the SFOI 1000 to SEC fans, knowing how big college football is here in the Southeast. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Kathy, and two children.

Find Jamie on Social Media at:

John Coble – Tennessee Titans

I’m John Coble and I live in the Nashville, TN area with my wife, Cara. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but came to Christ just before high school. Many years later, in October of 2008, I was experiencing severe back pain and went forward for prayer at a special “worship and prayer” service at my church. I didn’t receive physical healing, but I did receive a burden for lost people and for sharing the gospel. (My back eventually got better after months of physical therapy.)

I discovered Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministry a few months later when my TiVo DVR spontaneously recorded “The Way of the Master”. In 2010, I had the tremendous blessing of getting to attend Ambassadors’ Academy (#13) and as a result got connected with Bill Adams and Sports Fan Outreach Int’l.

Since then I have participated in at least 10 outreaches sponsored by SFOI. I regularly preach on the sidewalks and outside special events on weekends in downtown Nashville. I also preach at most of the Titans football home games. Proclaiming the Good News has been the most exciting, meaningful adventure I can imagine.

Terry Cohea – Middle Tennessee State University

My name is Terry Cohea, I am originally from Nashville, TN. My family and I currently live just outside Manchester, TN. I have a wonderful wife named Jodie and I have three children; a son named Amos, and twin daughters, Abigail and Gabriella. I have been a born again Christian since 2004 always with a passion to share Jesus with others, however I allowed the post modern church culture to suppress that desire for many years. The Lord awakened me out of that suppressive deception in 2015, after I met my wife Jodie and she introduced me to the ministry of Ray Comfort. The more I watched Ray and learned about his ministry, the strong desire to evangelize revived within me. I went through his online school of Biblical Evangelism, listened to True and False Conversion and Hell’s best kept secret and I knew I had to go out and boldly proclaim the Gospel. During all of his I Open Air Preached for the first time March of 2016, since then my walk with the Lord hasn’t been the same and has gone to new heights. I met another preacher that was already with SFOI named Jamie Terry through a mutual friend. I began going out and doing Evangelism with him a couple times a month for over a year. Jamie then introduced me to Bill Adams with SFOI and in June of 2019 I attended the George Whitefield training program. God’s will continues to move me down this path and I am so thankful to Him for that. I love proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He is so very worthy to be magnified.

Michael Coughlin Ohio State University

Michael was granted forgiveness of sins by Jesus Christ in 2006, is the husband of Erin, and father of 8 (3 in Heaven, 5 on Earth!). He is a member of Oikos Community Church of Hilliard. Michael has been preaching since 2010 and has been leading teams to The Ohio State Buckeyes Football games since 2012. Michael writes for ThingsAbove.Us where he can be contacted through the contact form. If you are interested in joining Michael’s team for outreach, please email him at michael (at) Before you contact him, please make sure to read his outreach guidelines

John Crowley – University of Central Florida & Florida Institute of Technology

2004 Born Again at Calvary Chapel

2006 Share Jesus without fear Training

2009 Way of the Master BasicTraining

2009 Way of the Master Intermediate Training

2010 Ambassador Academy Way of the Master

2011 Foot of the Cross Bible and leadership training

2012 Grief Share leader- Calvary Chapel Leadership

2014 Super Bowl Outreach New York

2008-Present The Bridge Evangelist -President

2014-Present His Glory –Evangelist outreach

David Day – Auburn University

My name is David Day and I reside in Montgomery Alabama with my wife Amanda and our 4 children. My family and I are members of Morningview Baptist Church here in Montgomery where I serve as a deacon.

My family are in full time ministry as an Evangelist Catalyst / Missionary Service Corps Missionary with the North American Mission Board and Alabama Baptist Association.

I have been sharing my faith since the Lord quickened my heart in 2008 after hearing a sermon called, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort. This sermon was used by God to reveal to me my sin against Him by the use the Ten Commandments, being as what Paul stated they are, “A schoolmaster” Galatians 3:24 The Lord worked wonderfully in my heart through the gospel and continues to this day to sanctify me, to draw me from sin, and to Lord willing to make me and my family as Thomas Watson has said, “an instrument of the glorifying God.”

Find David on Social Media at:

Matt De Jesus – Arizona Cardinals

I was introduced to the Gospel at 10 years of age. I went forward at my church, made a profession of faith, and was baptized- not fully understanding what I was doing. My road of sanctification, like many of you, has been a rocky one. As I grew to became an adult I learned intimately what God meant when He had Malachi refer to Him as “a refinerʼs fire…” (Mal 3:2) as well as the passage in Proverbs that tells us He disciplines those He loves (Prov 3:12). God was purifying me by ripping the sin, which I was clutching to so tightly, out of my hands. No discipline at the time is pleasurable, but needed. Needed to become a useful vessel that would honor God, not bringing a reproach to His name. This is an ongoing process until Glory. After years of watching “On The Box” and “Wretched” I had the opportunity to meet Tony Miano. I helped him with several videos and I learned quite a bit about street evangelism. I was so inspired that I had to open my mouth as well to proclaim the Gospel.

I have 3 adult children that the Lord has richly blessed me with. God has also blessed me with a video production business that I’ve owned for more than 30 years producing secular and Christian videos. I have produced several videos for Tony Mianoʼs Cross Encounters Ministries as well as Apologia Church and others.

David Doerman – University of Cincinnati

Dave Doerman is a Biblical evangelist in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a sinner saved by grace. I am a member of Providence Bible Fellowship in West Chester, Ohio. I host local outreaches and encourage local evangelists on my website: After retiring from a 35 year career in technology sales, I am a full time lay evangelist.

My primary ministry is proclaiming the law and gospel in Cincinnati at local sporting and entertainment events. I also do one-to-one biblical evangelism at the Greyhound Bus Station and local universities including the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University and Miami University.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I stand on the shoulders of Christian teachers including: Ray Comfort and Mark Cahill (evangelism), Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Sean McDowell and Ravi Zacharias (apologetics), and my local church Elders along with other Reformed Christian theologians including Alistair Begg, RC Sproul, and John MacArthur. I covet your prayers for God’s power and boldness in sharing the gospel.

Find David on Social Media at:
twitter: @davedoerman
Facebook: Dave Doerman
Facebook: Evangelize Cincinnati

John Fedock – University of Texas, Austin

I’ve been a Christian since September 2010. (For the sake of space, a longer version of my Christian testimony can be found on my blog at Almost from the outset of my Christian walk, it became apparent to me that much (if not most) of the professing “church” in America was not living like the Christians I saw in the Bible – men and women who were wholly committed to Christ and furthering the good news of the Gospel, and of advancing His church, no matter the cost. But still, at first, I allowed myself to think that all of my friends who merely paid lip service to being a “Christian” were, in fact, right with God.

That all changed in the Spring of 2013, or about 2.5 years into my walk. It was in the days leading up to oral arguments before The Supreme Court of the United States on one of the “same sex benefits” cases. Despite most of my friends at that time being people I assumed were “Christians,” there was an overwhelming flood of those red equal signs (for quote-unquote “equality”) in my news feed that day. My friends were, by and large, supporting homosexuality and were making a push for what was evident even then would ultimately become the acceptance and even celebration of homosexual “marriage.”

That day changed everything. The blinders were off, and I began to see the world for what it truly was. Lost, depraved, and completely adversarial to God in all things (or at least in all things that did not happen to coincide with what the culture surrounding them already wanted to believe). That began years’ worth of Facebook conversations and debates, and finally just boldly proclaiming the truth instead of trying to debate back and forth – the latter being the manner which I eventually realized was the more accurate command of Scripture, at least with respect to those who have hard hearts and aren’t genuinely seeking the truth, that being the manner of heralding the Truth of God, rather than “debating it.”

This process continued on for years, and in fact still continues to this day. For much of this time, I felt increasingly like I was “the only one” taking their faith so seriously, “the only one” who really truly cared. I often wondered where the Ravenhill’s and Whitefield’s and Wesley’s and John Knox’s of our day were, and even prayed for God to raise up such people, and hoping and praying that perhaps one day I could be one of them.

And then I met them! They were already out there, doing this very thing! In the summer of 2016, the Lord led me to attending what I called at the time “preaching camp,” also known as the George Whitefield Training Program put on by Sports Fan Outreach. It was there that I met many incredible Saints and wonderful Brothers who were doing that very thing! At the time, I was in seminary, so I couldn’t join them right away out in the streets due to my other commitments before the Lord. And to be honest, even after meeting them, it took some time for my heart to warm up (or perhaps more accurately, to be warmed up by the Lord) to join them. But slowly but surely, those

opportunities arose. First, at the 2018 Final Four in San Antonio, just a fairly short Texas drive from where I live. Then in Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600, and eventually on my first trip ever to the “Other Side of the Pond” for the London trip this past October that was centered around the NFL London games. This year, God has allowed me to preach at the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, the Super Bowl Outreach in Atlanta, Mardi Gras, and the Kentucky Derby. And as of late August, I have begun what I hope and pray will Lord willing be a season-long ministry at University of Texas football games in Austin, Texas. And all of it for the Gospel of our Lord, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Email: (best way to contact me)


Twitter: @MaleTruthSayer

Sam Frain – Naval Acadamy (Navy)

God the Father chose me before the foundation of the world, God the Son redeemed me by His active and passive obedience, and the Holy Spirit brought me to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at 11 years old. I graduated from Wesley College with a degree in Sport Management. I am currently training for Pastoral Ministry at Grace & Truth Community Church in Felton, DE as the Pastoral Intern. I have been open air preaching for a few years now and I count it as a real privilege to preach the gospel in the streets!

Joe Hinson –  Dallas Cowboys

I have been married for going on 20 years to Missy. We’ve been together since high school. We have 2 sons, Seth 14 and Ben 10. We live in Denton Texas about an hour north of Dallas.
I lived as a false convert for several years until around 10 years ago when by God’s grace I came into contact with Ray Comfort’s “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion”. The first message helped me to truly understand the Gospel and the second revealed my complete absence of Faith in said Gospel.
Currently my family and I are making preparations to relocate to the Provo Utah area to Lord willing be a part of disciples being made and see churches being planted.
Soli Deo Gloria!

Find Joe on Social Media at:


Twitter: Sola_Fide_

Ken Hisle – University of Illinois

My name is Ken Hisle and I live in Bloomington, Illinois.  I have been married to my wife Dee for 24 years and my life’s passion is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with this lost world.  I have been doing open air preaching and street evangelism for about 7 years. I live minutes from Illinois State University and have joined with other men and women locally to do outreach in our community.

I have been blessed to attend the Ambassador’s Academy twice (#12 & #18), the Super Bowl Outreach in  2013, 2014 & 2015, Revival Preacher Training 2013, the Kentucky Derby 2013, 2014 & 2015 and Fall for Greenville 2012 and 2013.

For the past 2 1/2 years I have been traveling to Chicago with the Chicago Evangelism Team (you can find us on Facebook) at least once per month and we are beginning to travel to other large cities within a few hours of us (St. Louis, Indianapolis).  I am currently a self-employed contractor and one day hope to be doing full time evangelism…Lord willing!

Kris Hudson – North Dakota State University

Kris Hudson has been evangelizing the streets of Fargo, North Dakota since August 2011. The areas that he has evangelized include stoplight preaching at various intersections in Fargo, Newman Outdoor Field (minor league baseball stadium), North Dakota State University (NDSU), F-M Pride Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Fargodome. Currently, he has been preaching by the Fargodome after NDSU football games. 

Kris grew up in a very solid Christian home. God had already saved both of his parents before they got married. When Kris was in first grade he said the sinner’s prayer. From that point on until his first year of college he thought he was saved because he said the prayer but in reality was unconverted. God started drawing him during his senior year of high school. God started to correct and reprove his worldly focus on life by letting him think about his own mortality. After that God used a local church’s college ministry to bring him truth about salvation. On December 30, 2009 God granted him repentance and faith after talking with a fellow Christian about salvation.

Kris got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics in 2013 from NDSU. He is currently seeking to become an actuary.

Kris attended Living Waters Ambassador’s Academy #20 in July 2011. God used that experience as a launching pad into regular street evangelism. He has also participated in Cru’s Big Break 2013 and 2014 outreaches and Super Bowl Outreach 2015 (Phoenix). He is really looking forward to continue to proclaim the gospel in San Francisco for SBO 2016. 

Find Kris on Facebook at:

Jeffery Padia – Atlanta Falcons

God mercifully saved me out of a background of cheap grace, easy believe-ism, “Americanized” Christianity. I had walked an aisle during a church “revival” and was baptized at age 16. I quickly proceeded to prove myself a false convert, succumbing to the worldliness and sin that my flesh craved. I found myself in a prolonged downward spiral, increasingly wallowing in the dregs of my wickedness and rebellion against God, all the while believing I had punched my ticket through the pearly gates! I pursued every worldly thing that I thought might make me happy.

But God, being rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4-5), opened my eyes to see how patient and kind and merciful He had been to me in preserving my life, even though His justice could have fallen on me like a hammer. In the misery of my lowest depths, I became dreadfully aware that I was not owed another day of His mercy. It was then that God granted me eyes to see His beauty, and grace to believe in Jesus as my only hope. The riches of His kindness and forbearance and patience had, indeed, led me to repentance (Romans 2:4)! By His grace alone, I’m thankful to be a servant of the one, true God!

After completing a 26 year career as an Air Traffic Controller here in Atlanta, unburdened by full time work responsibilities, I determined to make myself more available for ministry. In response, the Lord graciously and relentlessly consecrated me to His service! He guided me through a continuum of evangelistic challenges, each one further and further outside of my comfort zone! In his loving providence, I progressed from timidly and covertly placing gospel tracts…to openly handing out tracts in Christmas parades…to giving brief gospel presentations in nursing homes…to pleading for the lives of babies and preaching the gospel in front of abortion mills…to open air preaching at sporting events…to sharing the gospel with jail inmates…to…wherever He leads me next! It’s been one gospel adventure after another, all in the worship and service of my great God and Savior! If He can do such a work in me, He can do such a work in you! He is faithful! Are you willing to entrust yourself to Him, no matter the cost?

Jeff ministers under the leadership and oversight of his elders at Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, GA.


Twitter: @HeraldingChrist


Heath Pucel –  Green Bay Packers

My name is Heath Pucel. I’ve been married 15 years a wonderful wife who keeps me humble. I live in Green Bay Wisconsin, and have a passion for teaching and training the Word. The Lord graciously granted me repentance unto salvation and from my false conversion in 2004 when I was praying in my naivety for how to share my faith Biblically. I attended previous witnessing training but it was more lifestyle evangelism; but in 2004, not only did he show me how, He also brought me to repentance in faith through the ministry of Living Waters. Since then, I’ve had a desire and burden to share the Gospel in Green Bay, around the country and abroad. My past experience with evangelism has opened up opportunities for me to attend outings such as: 2008 Ambassadors Academy #3, 6 Super Bowl Outreaches, 5 Kentucky Derby Outreaches, OAC SET 2012 and 2013. The Sweet Auburn Festival, ministry at ASU, UW Stevens Point and Madison campuses. Numerous local events such as Walleye weekend, Wisconsin State Fair, Jehovah’s Witness conventions, and Green Bay Packer Games. God has given me the privilege to meet up with faithful saints locally and across the country to labor and minister His word in the open air as well as lead outreach teams with all praise, glory and honor to His name.

David Robert – New Orleans Saints

Paul Roepnack – North Carolina State University

In 2011, the Holy Spirit was gracious to open my eyes to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the depravity of my own sin, after nearly 35 years living in cultural Christianity.  Not only was I saved at that time, but my wife as well. Together, we looked back at our lives up until that point and saw that despite being raised in religious homes and attending excellent Christian schools, neither of us had ever submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives and had been lying to ourselves for many years. 

 I loved and enjoyed my sin, had been chasing the trappings of the world, was ruled by my own will and living for myself, made excuses for following God’s directives for my lives as “believer”, and yet attended church and professed to believe.  We partied on Saturday and went to church on Sunday. I dishonored parents, lied, stole, hated, loved drunkeness, and idolized at every opportunity. I had no ability or desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believed that was something that only certain people were commanded or “gifted” to do, brushing aside the Great Commission in exchange for fleeting passions about politics or worldly concerns.  I had no ability to teach my children or my wife, to lead them in life’s many decisions and questions by the wisdom of the Word. I was blind. There were certain sins of my past I continued to make excuses for or counted as “not so bad”, and I compared myself to others instead of God’s Law. Once the Light was shining, I understood that I was an offender and an enemy of God and deserved His eternal Wrath – as all of mankind who are not under His righteousness do.

Once regenerated, our lives changed so rapidly that it alarmed many people around us.  We were baptized and this was confusing for many, as we had already been baptized at various points in our youth – but what a wonderful day it was to stand before our church body and truly profess Christ with the assurance of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit had revealed my own sin and it grieved me so deeply, praise God. Through conviction and submission, I began ridding our family of the distractions of this world and our own idolatry, and began leading our family in the Word.  Everything changed. The power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit is so great, it cannot come into a man’s life and lie dormant. I am so grateful to have been saved from Cultural Christianity, from religious falsities and rituals, and from my own sin under the righteousness of Jesus Christ imputed upon me.  

I developed a thirst for God’s Word, and enjoy listening to sermons and studying His Word every day.  My wife and I were introduced to Ray Comfort’s teachings in 2013, and I knew that I was being led to proclaim God’s Word to our lost world.  By the providence of God, we ran right into Tommy Waltz on the streets of Raleigh while he was preaching near the courthouse. We became involved in his ministry, and under his training I began proclaiming the Word at events with Gospel of God Ministries.  I enjoy heralding at NC State and at other events with our team members, who are all such humble men of God that I can look up to.  

In addition to our 3 biological children, God has been so good to choose us for the privilege of adopting 4 children from Ethiopia and China with special needs.  I expected to be “picking up my cross” in following this leading, but I was wrong. These children have been a reflection of the Gospel, a reminder of His love for us, and to know that God has chosen to hand-place His arrows at my table is a great responsibility that I cannot successfully do without God leading my life in every aspect.  I am so grateful that I am able to lead my family, my 7 children and my wife, by the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit and the mercy of God, and that I have the opportunity to disciple the next generation of my family to our King, Lord willing.  

I am so grateful to be serving at Superbowl Outreach this coming year and for the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus in the midst of an a celebration filled with idolatry and drunkeness, pride, and darkness.  May His light shine.

Our family writes about our testimony on our website,

Scott Roney – Auburn University

Jaycen Saab – West Virginia University

Raised Roman Catholic, Jaycen did not arrive at true saving faith until his adult years. After chasing the world and it’s offerings, God brought him to salvation during the death of a loved one. He has a burden for the lost and false converts and desires to herald the Gospel anywhere a crowd may be. When not on the streets, he enjoys the privilege of filling in the pulpit doing itinerant preaching. He’s married with 4 children who join him sometimes for evangelism. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family.  He is the founder of AppalachiaCry Ministries. For more info:
Find Jaycen on Social Media at:












Google Play:

Larry Sullivan – University of Alabama

Chris Teal – Penn State University

My name is Chris Teal. I was raised Catholic, and attended a local church faithfully.  None of that set me free from the bondage of a life of sin. It was all in the name of good works that I went to church on Sundays.  That is not what saved my soul and made me become renewed. My conversion came about when I decided to truly open up the scriptures and read what God’s Truth is all about.  Hearing the preaching of the cross is when I repented of my sin and asked for His forgiveness. It was the power of God’s Spirit that made the change in my life that I was absolutely helpless to do on my own after exhausting efforts.  While reading the scriptures I began developing a compassion for lost souls. I reached out to an evangelist by the name of Tommy Waltz at Gospel of God Ministries who discipled me through a curriculum to learn how I can share my faith. As my faith became action I had an increasing desire to see souls won to the Lord. I was then introduced to Sports Fans Outreach, which allowed me to participate in major sporting events proclaiming the gospel to sports fans.

Mark Underwood – University of Tennessee

Jeff Warner – University of Arkansas

My name is Jeff Warner, I’m 36 years old from Grants Pass, OR. I have a wife and 3 wonderful kids. I didn’t grow up in the church and didn’t even open a Bible until I got saved at age 29. I literally knew nothing about the Bible…I didn’t know about Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Jesus, etc, I guess you can say I was a true clean slate. I got saved on Sept 20th 2009.

I have been very active in sharing the Gospel for the past 4 years, prior to that I just didn’t have any idea where to start and didn’t know anybody who did evangelism, which is a sad commentary on modern day Churchianity. I started open air preaching in San Francisco at SBO ’16 and have been preaching regularly ever since. I was blessed to preach with a group of brothers through SFOI in San Diego at the MLB All Star Game as well as several events throughout Oregon and in Reno, NV, etc. The Lord has opened many doors for ministry this year and I can’t wait to preach with the saints at SBO ’17.

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Samuel Wilking – Elon University

My name is Samuel Wilking. I have lived in Mebane, NC my whole life. In 2012 the Lord granted me repentance and I was born again. I also graduated from Alamance Community College with my associate’s degree in advertising and graphic design in 2019.

For a long time growing in my walk with Christ, I have tried many different ways to see where I fit in ministry. Thanks to a few believers I met I was able to get plugged into open-air preaching. Since January 2019 I have committed my time to learn street evangelism/open-air preaching. I have spent a lot of time at an abortion clinic in Raleigh, NC once a week pleading with women to spare their children, and spending time with Gospel of God Ministries on some Friday nights and comic cons. I also design my gospel tracts to distribute to people on the street that are quick and easy to read.

The goal now in ministry is to use all that has been learned to continue with spreading the gospel in Alamance County, NC. I will be spending time at Elon University on game day to open-air preach and give the gospel to a needy university. It is a pretty liberal-minded university. The football program has grown in popularity and will be a great chance to reach college students, fans, professors, and alumni.

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Twitter: @BigEvangelist