SBO'18: There were several memorable times when someone walking by would take a tract and I would look them in the eye and say they are so precious to Jesus that he would go to the cross for them, and that they should never forget that. Then I would simply tell them to read it and give it some serious thought. The fellowship with the men in the evening was also one of the most memorable events from SFO in 2018. I am looking forward to going to Atlanta next year.
Greg Fischer
SBO'18:My best encounter with a fan on the Street was the following: On Saturday, February 3rd while my Team was Witnessing & preaching the Gospel next to the Minneapolis Comvention Center; 2 Teenage boy's (approximately 13 or 14 years old) walked up to our Team, while Brother Peter was Preaching The Gospel. We had a Tripod set up: and on thatTripod was a laminated picture. The Picture showed a Big City. There was a road coming out of the City, which Multitudes upon Multitudes of people were walking on. The road split, onto 2 different path's. **1 path had Very FEW People walking on it. Their was a Great Chasm: but, the roadway (to get across the Chasm) was in the shape of a "CROSS". The other path (which had 95% of the People walking on it) were walking right off of the cliff and falling into Hell/The Lake Of Fire!! The 2 Teenage boy's were standing almost 20 feet away from the picture. I said, "guy's Please come and look @ this picture Close-up". So, they walked over to the picture with me. Immediately, I said, "Guy's look @ this". And I pointed to the small images that were falling off of the Cliff. **Immediately, the 2 Teenage boy's realized: That ALL Of those small images were People falling/going right into Hell/The Lake Of Fire. Their eye's "got really big" and they were speechless!! Praise The LORD, I was able to briefly share the Gospel with them & right before they left: I gave both of them a Gospel Tract!!!

My best experience @ SBO '18 was: Watching my Team do all of the following: "Breaking bread" together/fellowshiping, laboring together in Preaching The Gospel, loving one another (as Christ Jesus told us to love one another), serving one another/esteeming one another, more highly than our own selves, encouraging one another & bearing one another's burdens.
Bill 'DOC' Schank
SBO'18: The Super Bowl Outreach was an amazing experience and I truly enjoyed the great fellowship, teaching and time spent preaching the gospel and witnessing for Christ! There were many one on one encounters and opportunities to preach the gospel to the to the masses. The fans for the most part welcomed the word of God being revealed through us, even in the midst of the snow and cold weather. This was my first opportunity to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in the ministry and I plan to do it again next year!
Peter Doherty
SBO'18: We enjoyed witnessing together at the Super Bowl Outreach with SFOI. Our team worked well together and it was a blessing to be in such a supportive group. Leader Bill Adams as well as our team leader Bill Schank did a great job preparing for and leading the outreach. One of the things that makes the SFOI outreaches different from other outreaches is the prayer time, fellowship, and teaching each morning. Before we went out each day we were encouraged in the Lord and had opportunities to lift up others in the group. Another aspect of the outreach that is unique to SFOI is the emphasis on verbally sharing the gospel and preaching on the streets. Tracts are used as well, but team members are encouraged to be bold in the faith for the gospel of Jesus, and to get out of their comfort zone while interacting with people on the street. One highlight of the outreach was speaking with a Seventh-day adventist husband and wife who were out sharing their views with the Superbowl fans. We had a nice long conversation and left some tracts with them. Another highlight was a conversation Joshua had on the plane ride home with a Catholic-Jewish man, who opened up about his life story, although he seemed a little intoxicated. Joshua was able to give him a tract, and offer prayer for him and his brother who was in the hospital.
Joshua and Rachael
SBO'18: At the end of first day we had a particularly rude heckler. She was a middle aged "atheist" who was very proud of the book she had written and the worldly wisdom she had accumulated. Andy our team leader was engaging her, challenging her attacks and one by one knocking them down. while others preached on. I was scanning the crowd while this was going on, only half listening, she was saying something about how faith is based on location and people from India believe Hinduism and Americans believe the bible only because they are American. I mention this because sometime later this woman is still jabbering at Andy and another group of people bunch up at the edge of the sidewalk where we are preaching waiting for the light to turn so they can continue. I see a short Indian man standing directly behind the atheist woman with his back to her. He (presumably) has his daughter in front of him and he has his head half turned obviously listening to the commotion the woman is making. It's at this time the Atheist lifts her hands in front of her and proclaims "Jesus Christ is NOT God!". I see the Indian man's eyes widen, he looks me dead in the eye, raises his own hands and in an extremely thick Indian accent he says "Jesus Christ IS GOD!" now my eyes have widened and I Give the guy a big smile and He proclaims again "Jesus Christ IS GOD!" to which I say "AMEN!" he replies "AMEN", hands still in the air as he heads on down the street with his daughter. Unfortunately the woman missed both the point of the Gospel and the Man's bold proclamation.

I was preaching on day one, I think from Romans 1, when an odd looking man in a heavy trench coat stopped to watch. For some time he nodded his head while listening, he then said "Do you preach on God's wrath?" to which I replied "I do sir, His wrath and His Justice but also his mercy and grace." he nodded and said Preach from Ephesians 2:8 I flipped there read that passage aloud and began to preach from it. After a bit of that he said "good, now do Romans 3:23" "Sure" I said flipping through my bible and beginning to preach. It was probably the best preaching I had done that day. I was wrapping up looking forward to talking with the man who obviously had a grasp on God's word, but when I turned around he had gone.
Blake Tomlinson
SBO '17: Greetings Bill, Please forgive my delayed response to your email re: SBO'17 testimony. As a first time participant with SBO'17 and SFOI, I was truly humbled to be surrounded by so many saints who demonstrated such love for the Lord, and for the lost , that they were willing to be so counter cultural in proclaiming the Gospel through OAP. The teaching was rock solid, and the fellowship sweet. I look forward to attending future events, Lord willing, through SFOI. Thank you , Bill, for all that you did to make this outreach possible and God bless! In Christ, Jamie Clark
James Clark
SBO '17: I enjoyed SBO 17 primarily because the gospel went forth to fans and NFL players.God allowed me to have an opportunity to read the last few verses of James 4 to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. That section of scripture talks about life being short and the importance of being ready for eternity. Kris Hudson-Lefty for Biblical Evangelism
Kris Hudson
SBO '17: The super bowl outreach, was an amazing experience. The teaching was great, the fellowship is unlike anything that I believe a street evangelist could experience anywhere, and the encouragement received was priceless. Because I now know there are so many other people who have been led to do this type of ministry I feel more confident boldly proclaim the Word of God than I did before the trip. I will definitely be attending the Super Bowl outreach again, as long as the Lord Wills. Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones
SBO '17: One of the exciting things for me was to see three men preach for the first time in the open air. To see them overcome their initial fear and grow in their faith and aggressively share Christ was an inspiration to me. It is definitely an outreach that I would highly recommend to other men with or without experience in open air evangelism. God Bless, Joe Toy, Jr.
Joy Toy
SBO '17: Attending the Superbowl outreach has bene one of the greatest things I have ever done; from the fellowship, to the incredible witnessing opportunities, everything was such a joy and a blessing. Serving on Brad Snow's teams was exciting and his gentle leadership blessed us all. Being able to do so much open air preaching, tracting, and personal one-on-one witnessing both in downtown Houston and at the NRG Stadium taught me many lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. To God be the glory!
Lucas Mann
SBO '17: SBO 17 what can I say? 100 evangelists gathered for 3 days to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world: a world bent on denial of the coming judgement and the One true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. It wasn't done out of strife or vain glory but out of a heart broken for the lost and a deep concern for where they would spend eternity if they are not acquitted by the Judge of all the earth. I was thoroughly encouraged meeting and seeing so many like minded men. Hearing the earnest heart songs in the morning prayer gathering each day strengthened me and lifted me up for the days work of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. There was not just work but instruction also as world class scholars poured into us about covenant theology from Adam to Christ. And then the work in the field, not alone, but with a team of fellow evangelists. How sweet that labor was. There was the new comers and the old timers. It was a joy to see the Lord at work in everyone's lives. I can think of no better classroom than what you will experience at this outreach with SFOI. I thank God for you and your team Bill. God bless.
Dan Davis
SBO '17: This was my first event with SFOI and it was very meaningful and rewarding for me, as well as challenging. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to be around. There was a great diversity of personality and ministry skills that made for great fellowship and teamwork. Most of all, I truly believe that the Lord’s hand was upon all aspects of this outreach and the hope and belief is that God has, and would use this for those who heard the gospel and for those who shared it. I am very grateful to those who helped get me there, and for those who encouraged me to go. -Brian Wilson
Brian WIlson
SBO '17: It was a blessing to participate in my 2nd Super Bowl Outreach. It was a joy and also educational to be around so many brothers that are seasoned evangelists and far more capable than I am. It is an honor to proclaim the glorious gospel of Christ in public. Some listened, most didn’t, but even some of those heard a bit, whether they wanted to or not. It was a great opportunity to pass out a bunch of tracts – may the Lord be pleased to use a few of them unto eternal life. It was encouraging when someone would appreciate what we were doing, and discouraging when someone attacked. But opposition is to be expected, and I trust the Lord was honored by our efforts. SBO also encouraged me to be more faithful in evangelism closer to home the rest of the year. SDG, Dave Dunbar
Dave Dunbar
SBO '17: I most often preach by myself in Tampa, Florida, but it was a tremendous blessing to preach alongside of so many Brothers in Christ with such a great passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His lost sheep. It has been an honor and a privilege to pray, side by side with, and to serve Christ, side by side with, men of urgency and passion for the Glory of God.
Ken White
My first Super Bowl Outreach was amazing. I was able to meet and learn from wonderful brothers and sisters, was personally encouraged in our times of morning prayer/singing, received great preaching/teaching which caused me to worship and be drawn to Christ all the more, and lastly I was able to share the hope that lies within me, namely Jesus, who I cast my life upon. I pray and hope SBO 2016 was the first of many for me! Darryl Bradford Jr. Framed By Grace Films
Darryl Bradford
Aloha Bill! Thanks for organizing SBO and for your dedication to the gospel. It was an incredible blessing to be there this year, and I'm sure it was a lot of work to get everything to go so smoothly. The camp was awesome, food delicious, and the first night when we went through Romans was amazing. You do things first class for the glory of God. Thank yo!!
Stephanie Helms
It was my first Super Bowl Outreach and it was a real privilege to share the Gospel alongside so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ who love the Lord Jesus Christ so much. I'm already praying about attending next year's outreach. To God be the glory, great things He has done. This is an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel. God bless you all. I continue to pray for the work of SFOI.
Tim Heaton
I was so blessed by this year’s Super Bowl Outreach in San Francisco. I loved every member of the team I was on. I still have a lot to learn about being a team leader, but I had the best team I could have been blessed with. They demonstrated such humble desire to seek those that were lost and give them the truth they needed. I already am longing for the next time I will be blessed to see them all again. Just to start the encouragement now, anyone who wants to be part of next year’s Super Bowl Outreach, start praying about going to Houston next year. ‪You will never regret it.
Brad Snow
I sincerely enjoyed being a part of the SBO and every aspect of it. This was my first Super Bowl Outreach, and my first time to California and needless to say this was life-changing! I was astounded by the culture; seeing homeless everywhere sleeping on the streets, and more trolleys than bicycles. The outreach was fantastic, the teaching was great, the lodging and meals were great, and my favorite part was the time to fellowship with other Saints from all across the US, as well as getting to have an hour’s time to pray and spend time in worship. I also really felt like I learned a lot about myself. People like Michael Coughlin and Scott Smith gave very useful and practical advice for ways to better share my faith, and everyone offered me some form of encouragement and exhortation that really makes me want to be a part of future SFOI events. Thanks so much for planning and organizing this event and all the behind the scenes details. Lord willing at least one person will have trusted in Christ as Savior as a result of the power of the Gospel.
Joshua Richards
I know first hand how being a part of these outreaches can grow, strengthen, and equip even seasoned evangelists. I’ve seen men and women come to one of these outreaches for their very first time taking a step out of their area of comfort and leaving more confident, courageous and encouraged. I highly recommend it to anyone with a desire to reach the lost.
Ken Hisle
This was my 3rd SBO and I was blessed again so much by joining over 90 brothers and sisters who love the lord, love each other, and love the lost! If we only got together to proclaim Christ it would be enough. Yet, we get to have awesome fellowship with brothers and sisters who we rarely see and get to meet new people too! I always especially appreciate that Bill goes over and above expectations to get top notch Godly men who teach us in depth Bible truths every time at SBO. Every SBO is like a Bible conference and evangelism outreach in one! I can’t say how much I appreciate SBO and SFOI as a whole. God has truly blessed me! I look forward to further ministry in the future should the Lord allow. God bless and thanks for everything!
Mason Goodknight
Founder / Core Ministries
Thank you Brother ever since this last SBO I’ve never been more passionate for evangelism in this situation the than ever before praise the Lord for fellowship and body of believers that stir one another for love and Good works !!!
Albert Gomez
Cannot explain the joy of proclaiming the Gospel with so many brethren that I love dearly. Always a little sad leaving them but a joyful reminder of the Love we share in anticipation of our Heavenly Home!!
Angela Braxton
This Super Bowl Outreach was my first, and I definitely hope to come back. Although the weekend was busy and exhausting, it was totally worth it. I believe our efforts brought glory to God, and I believe that the Gospel was effectively preached to many. The fellowship was great, and I learned much and was very encouraged by older brothers at the Outreach. It was also a great experience for my younger 16 year-old cousin who attended; I believe I saw growth in him because of all that he experienced. I pray that God would continue to bring glory to Himself and that He would use the seeds we planted to save many lost souls.
Saad Bunny