Union School of Theology has established Learning Communities around the world where a student can earn a Graduate Diploma in Theology and if you have the qualifications you can earn a Masters of Theology Degree.

A Learning Community is designed for students to gather one day per week during each semester to learn and study theology as a group.  The teaching is conducted by the Union faculty via video. A class moderator who is a trained theologian is in the class each week to facilitate your learning, class discussions and answer your questions.

Sports Fan Outreach is now hosting a Learning Community in Chattanooga, TN.

The first semester begins September 2017.

Here are some links:

To learn more about Learning Communities visit: Learning Communities. Also on the right hand column is the link to the respective degrees offered. Click on the initials GDip or MTh to access the page

Application page:  UST Application. Applications for the 2017 class are due by June 30, 2017.

Cost: Application fee: $45. Annual tuition: $4,100 payable in 3 installments: Sept. 30; Jan. 31; & April 30.

For questions about the program email Ewan Jones at Union: admissionenquiries@ust.ac.uk