Arnold Davtyan will be heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the University of California, LA home football games this 2018 season.


Next outreach is: Saturday, November 17th outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff with kickoff TBA as the UCLA Bruins take on the USC Trojans.


Arnold will be outside of the Rose Bowl each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 818-621-0281.

If you have any questions, please let him know.


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Game Summaries

10/20 – vs. Arizona Wildcats

We had 3 people, including me, out there passing out gospel tracts, holding signs, & interacting with people one-on-one. Plenty of gospel tracts were passed out and we had a few conversations. One of which was a young man who approached the brother & asked about the gospel tracts. From what it seemed, he was genuinely asking questions about salvation. Keep him in your prayers.

9/15 – vs. Fresno State Bulldogs

It was a fruitful time of evangelism & fellowship. It was only 3 of us (myself, my wife, & a brother) this time & there was no open air preaching but we ended up getting about 1,000 gospel tracts into the hands of the people. There was more traffic this game, probably because the opposing team was local to California. We look forward to having more brothers & sisters join us on Oct 6th & hopefully get a few men to rotate preaching the gospel openly.

9/1 – vs. Cincinnati Bearcats



We were able to pass out lots of tracts. Children were especially willing to receive tracts. We encouraged people to read the tracts and consider their own lives, and whether they had any meaning. One young man, probably in his early 20’s or late teens approached me and asked me what our message was. I told him that we would all face God and have to give an account of how we lived our lives, and that all mean have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I told him that he needed the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and that he could only receive that righteousness by being born again. We didn’t have much time to talk so I told him that Jesus came and lived the perfect life that we could not and died on our behalf. I told him to read the Bible and discover who Jesus was. I pointed him to the website on the tracts for guidance. He thanked me and shook my hand. I offered to give him my email, but he said no thanks.

~ Saad