Join Alex Burt and his team in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the University of Georgia home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Saturday, October 19th outreach begins around 3 pm with kickoff at 6:00pm as the UGA Bulldogs take on the Kentucky Wildcats.

Alex will be outside of Sanford Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 480-298-8402.

If you have any questions, please let him know.

Check out his ministry at:

Look for updates on twitter: @Alex1Burt

Home Game Schedule

4:00pm ET
Murray State
12:00pm ET
Arkansas State
Notre Dame
South Carolina
Texas A&M

Sanford Stadium. Capacity: 92,746

Game Summaries

10/12 – vs. South Carolina

The fall weather finally arrived and we had beautiful weather for the outreach. We had Dave Shain join us, along with Mike, Peter, Scott, Hud and myself. Mike kicked off the preaching, followed by Scott, Peter and then me. We were able to preach the Gospel for about 2 ½ hours or more with those not preaching distributing tracts.

There weren’t a lot of hecklers that I remember seeing. There were those who offered encouragement although some did voice their dislike of the preaching. You have to expect a lost person to react in a negative way to a message that tells them they are sinners and accountable to their Creator. Some are so far down the road to perdition that even the great news that there is a way to escape God’s wrath and have eternal life with Him in heaven seems to disgust them.

I am blessed to be part of a team that perseveres through the negative, harassment, name calling, rebuking by other believers and other challenges to faithfully preach the Gospel week after week. They are a huge encouragement to me and I never want to take what God has given us for granted, as we continue to celebrate our 10th season of Gospel ministry at the UGA home games and in downtown Athens.

9/21 – vs. Notre Dame

A record crowd was expected today at Sanford Stadium, as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish came to town to take on the University of Georgia Bulldogs. I’m not sure they broke a record but I do not remember seeing that size crowd there in the last decade. We typically start 3 hours before kick-off with pretty light foot traffic on the bridge, but today there was a large crowd already forming by the time we started.

We had a large team today with almost half of it being made up of our friends the McCreerys, Bobby, Kara, Hannah, Eden, Lydia and Jeramiah. Peter was also there with his sons, Jerod and Jonah. Mike, Rich, Scott and me. The younger team members and Kara passed out tracts while Mike, Rich, Bobby and Scott preached for around 3 hours. There was so much noise on the bridge we had the mega-hailer maxed out and it was still difficult to hear the preaching about 75 feet away.

We had more hecklers than usual today. Some yelling expletives and saying very vulgar things. One guy came buy and told us we were making a terrible representation of their stadium. Stumbling drunks and foul-mouthed college kids give a good impression, I guess, while the preacher begging people to turn from their sin and trust the Savior makes them look bad. We were discussing how it seemed the young ladies are much more vulgar and foul mouthed than the young men. The word went out via tracts and preaching!

Here’s an encounter Scott submitted, he had with a man named Scott, as we were ministering outside the stadium:

“Scott was drawn by the preaching and asked why what was being preached was right and he was wrong. He began to lay out what all he had done from marrying a virgin and praying to God (the cry of the self-righteous). My response to him was those were works and as a born-again Christian we don’t relate to go God on the basis of works but on the finished work of his son Jesus Christ. While he believed in Christ, he either did not understand the mediatorial role of Christ as our High priest and insisted he prayed to God but made no use of Christ in this regard. I sought to bring him to end of relating to God on the basis of good works and pleaded with him to be reconciled to God and enjoy the experience of union and communion by being united to Christ in a faith union. While he was cordial, he was unwilling to lay down what he thought were works for which God would be pleased and he left rejecting the Gospel and remaining deceived that his soul was secure.”

As we were waiting on our ride, a young guy came and sat on the curb with us. I asked him if he was waiting on a ride and transitioned the conversation into a Gospel conversation. He first said he was an atheist but corrected himself and said he was agnostic. We discussed evolution, dinosaurs, Adam and Eve, the big bang and fossils. He made claims about missing links, although he couldn’t even name one and was trying to support evolution with bird beaks, but failed to provide any thoughtful reasoning to support his claims. Kim arrived back so we told him we had to go and left him by reminding him he was a sinner and if he died in his sin, when God judged him He would send him to hell to pay his own sin debt. Urging him to repent and trust Christ we loaded up the van and headed home. Pray for Eduardo. Pray for Athens!

9/14 – vs. Arkansas State

We arrived at Sanford Stadium around 9 am. The weather was nice with cloud cover, so the sun wasn’t beating down on us. Peter started the day off, followed by Rich, Mike, and Alex. We gave away many tracts and had several folks dropped by and offer encouraging words. I only remember one heckler that yelled out the common phrase, “hail satan”, as Rich was preaching.

I was standing beside Peter passing out tracts when a sheriff’s deputy from another county approached and asked Peter if he ever did jail ministry. He was looking to get involved in jail ministry in a different county than the one he serves in, considering his position. He gave us his business card, so we may end up in jail yet. 🙂 

Not as inmates of course. 

There was another man that came back to me, after taking a tract, and asked me for more to give his kids. Another young man came back for more as well. That happens at the games every once in a while. That’s exciting because it gets others thinking about witnessing and giving away tracts! While our main objective is to honor and glorify God by the preaching of the Gospel, we also want to encourage other believers to do the same.

We preached and passed out tracts for around 2 and a half hours on the bridge and packed up right before the anthem began.

I want to give a shout out to my bride, Kim, who dropped us at the stadium and picked us up afterwards, even though she had been sick and wasn’t feeling well.

9/7 – vs. Murray State

We arrived at Sanford Stadium around 12:30pm. We got set up and began preaching at 1:00pm. Mike lead off, followed by Rich, Scott and Alex.  Scott’s son Hud was also there and passed out tracts. 

Even though it appeared to be an easy win, considering it was Murray State coming in to play UGA and the heat index was 95, there was a really good crowd. We were able to preach the Gospel for almost 3 hours and passed out tracts, while trying to stay hydrated and grab some shade once in a while. 

We had some encouragement from several other Christians. One elderly man came over as Scott was preaching, shook my hand and told me he appreciates that we were standing up for Jesus, because most people did not anymore. 

Although it was hot, it was a great day to share the Gospel at Sanford. Today marked the beginning of our 10th season of sharing the Gospel at the University of Georgia home football games. Looking forward to many more, Lord willing!

More About Alex

Alex Burt  – Bethlehem, GA

My name is Alex Burt. I am married to a wonderful woman named Kim and we have two children. Kaitlyn is 25 and Luke is 20.

God found it in His mercy to save me in 1997 and I almost immediately felt the calling to take the Gospel of Jesus outside the four walls of the church. I remember hearing an old preacher say: “I hear all these young preachers complaining about not having anywhere to preach! Last time I checked, there was still a sidewalk out there!”

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, that triggered something inside me and before I knew it, I was outside our local Courthouse the first Saturday of every month preaching.

God really messed up my “normal” Christian life when I ran across Ray Comfort and his teaching, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”. After hearing that sermon and listening to it many times I knew God was calling me to open air evangelism. My job relocated my family to Arizona in 2004 and while living there I was able to attend the Ambassadors’ Academy in California. Immediately following the academy I began going to Mill Avenue, which is right beside Arizona State University, and sharing the Gospel on Saturday nights.

In God’s providence we relocated to Bethlehem, Ga. in 2009, with the University of Georgia only 20 miles away. I am blessed to be able to share the Gospel through tracts, one on one conversations and open air preaching in downtown Athens on Friday nights and before home football games.

Alex Burt

2 Corinthians 5:21