Alex Burt will be heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the University of Georgia home football games this 2018 season.


Next outreach is: Saturday, November 17th outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff with kickoff  at 4:00 pm ET as the UGA Bulldogs take on the UMass Minutemen.


Alex will be outside of Sanford Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 480-298-8402.

If you have any questions, please let him know.


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Game Summaries


11/10 – vs. Auburn


This appeared to be the largest crowd of the season. The traffic getting to the stadium was thicker than we have seen, as was the foot traffic on the bridge.

Today we had Jamie, Mike, Chike, Scott and myself on the team, as well as the entire McCreery family. Having them back with us was a huge blessing.

Jamie started the preaching, followed by Scott, Bobby and me, with Mike finishing off the day. As the preaching was going forth, the others were engaged in tract distribution and one on one conversations.

There were several people that passed by with encouraging words while others shouted profanities and scoffed, just as Scripture says will happen.

In between those two types of comments there were also those who claimed to be followers of Christ that rebuked us for preaching the Gospel. I say “claim” because the lady I have in mind, when asked how we were supposed to share the Gospel, replied, “ just be a good person”. When she was informed that was not what the Bible teaches but in fact says in Mark 16:15, “go and preach the Gospel to all creation”, she said that was just symbolic. That’s not to say she isn’t a believer, but what I saw from her really didn’t give me reason to think she was.  I mean, the preaching of the Gospel was offensive to her and she seemed to think being a good person = sharing the Gospel, so I can’t say if she was or wasn’t. God knows.

Hundreds, possibly thousands were exposed to the Gospel on Saturday and we are thankful for that. Please join us in praying for those who heard the Gospel and received Gospel tracts!

Until All Hear!


10/6 – vs. Vanderbilt

We had a couple of visitors come in for outreach today. Bobby McCreery came over from Douglasville and Daniel Courney, who is in the states on furlough, drove over from Dallas, Ga.

We also had the normal local team members, Rich, Chike, Jamie, along with myself. The crowd seemed to be smaller than last week when Tennessee was in town, but it was still a good crowd.

Many tracts were given away and the Gospel was preached for about 2.5 hours. Jamie began the preaching, followed by me and Daniel, with Bobby closing out the day. We had several people make statements but not many wanted to stop and discuss, which usually means they do not really have a case to argue. They are just lashing out. We also had some encouraging words, handshakes, etc. from believers, which is always nice.

There were also some good Gospel conversations.  For instance, I saw one taking place between Jamie and 3 young Mormons.

There were also others of varying lengths. We try to engage people as much as possible but often they are headed somewhere and do not want to take the time to stop and talk.

It was a great day of evangelism at Sanford.

Pray for those who heard and/or read the Gospel!

Go and preach the Gospel to all creation!

Until All Hear!


9/29 – vs. Tennessee Volunteers

Mike, Rich, Chike and I arrived at Sanford Stadium around 12:30 PM. Jamie was already there waiting and Sam arrived shortly after. We got set up and Mike spearheaded the preaching, as the rest of us gave away Gospel tracts and engaged people.At one point, as Mike was preaching, I saw Chike engaging a man in a Gospel conversation as Jamie and Rich prayed with another man. What a beautiful picture of ministry that was. We were able to give away several hundred tracts and several conversations took place, as the day went on. Had some encouragers come by with kind words along with a few hecklers.

Rich preached after Mike, speaking on misconceptions about God. I will post the link to the video below. Chike followed Rich, with his powerful voice and passion for the Gospel. I ended the preaching and finished up right at 3:30 which was kick-off time, and we packed up and headed to the DZ/PZ (Drop-off/Pick-up zone) 🙂

We had a great day of ministry, great weather and fellowship! Hundreds, if not a few thousand, heard or received the Gospel through preaching, conversations or Gospel tracts. Pray for Athens!

Blessed beyond measure!

Highlight Video

Chike’s preaching

Rich’s preaching

Alex’s preaching

Until All Hear!


9/15 – vs. Middle Tennessee Raiders

It was great weather for a football game, which means it was also great weather for evangelism.

We arrived at the stadium around 9:00 am and set up just a hundred feet or so from our usual spot from last season, which turned out to be a great spot. Week one we had tried the other end of the stadium but we wanted to move back closer to where we had been preaching for years, so we located a spot that gave us a little shade as well as kept our equipment safe and didn’t interfere with the fans looking to get a glimpse inside the stadium. We had Chike Uzuegbunam, Mike Asher, Scott Phillips and Jamie Smith out today. It was the first time Jamie had been out with us.

Many Gospel tracts went out, the Gospel was shared in one on one conversations and was preached for about 3 hours, finishing shortly after kick off. Mike, myself, Scott and Chike preached and gave away Gospel tracts as Jamie engaged people with conversations and Gospel tracts.

As always, we missed those who couldn’t be with us physically but we know they were praying for us, and we are very grateful for that!

We have an away game this coming week that we will not be traveling to, so we will take advantage of the break for some rest and family time.

Thanks to all the saints who support us in prayer and for those, whom we do not even know, that come by giving us encouraging words while we are out. I’m not sure if they really know what a blessing they are to us! Also I need to thank my wonderful wife, Kim, who spends her Saturdays dropping us off at the stadium and waiting around in Athens to pick us up. Love you bunches!

Here is a link to a video of some of the preaching.

9/1 – vs. Austin Peay Governors

Opening Day at Sanford Stadium.
Rich, Chike, Scott and I were dropped off about 15 minutes from Sanford by my bride, Kim. Bobby has moved away so we had to find a new ride. Thanks to Kim for assuming that role!

Over the off season the stadium has also been renovated with a new scoreboard and a bit of a redesign on the bridge. Since the guardrail where we used to preach has been removed, we decided to try a new spot at the other end of the bridge.

It was a pretty good spot and had trees, which blessed us with shade. Even with that, it was a dry muggy afternoon. I do not remember feeling much of a breeze at any time.

Scott started us off in Ephesians, which I had also planned to preach from, but neither of us knew that. Great minds and all that, right? 🙂
When he began we had a few tech issues because someone (me) forgot to bring the antennas for the new amp. Fortunately, it still works without them, we just had to stay close to the amp.

When Scott was finished, Chike preached, then myself. We were able to preach for two and a half hours and gave away a lot of tracts.
We had some believers give encouraging words and a few foul mouthed folks hurling insults, but the Gospel went out to many people. We are very thankful for the opportunity to share with so many people.

Please pray for these fans and the fans across the nation who heard the Gospel today!

Until All Hear!