Join John Fedock in heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the University of Texas at Austin home football games this 2019 season.

Next outreach is: Saturday, September 21st outreach begins around 3:30pm with kickoff  6:30pm CT as the Texas Longhorns take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

John will be outside of Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him in advance at:

If you have any questions, please let him know.

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Home Game Schedule

7:00pm CT
LA Tech
6:30pm CT
6:30pm CT
Oklahoma State
Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas State
12:00pm ET
Texas Tech

Game Summaries

9/7 – vs. LSU

After the Week 1 “warm up,” this was the first “big game” week at UT — both for this ministry as well as the University of Texas football team.  With LSU in town for a game involving two nationally ranked teams, ESPN’s Game Day was also in Austin, and along with Game Day and the Tigers came a very big crowd of people.  I was blessed to be joined by Brothers-in-Christ Joe Hinson and Tom Sadowski from the Denton area, and together we were able to cover the area with the Gospel for 5 hours straight.  The Word was faithfully preached, including a sermon on the Biblical agape love of God, and multiple sermons on the resurrected Christ, all, of course, pointing towards the Gospel.  (A video of one of the sermons preached at this event can be found here:  .)  A few hundred Gospel tracts were also handed out, and multiple Gospel conversations were had.  Despite the hot weather, the Lord blessed us with endurance to labor right up to kickoff, and once again there were no objections from the civil authorities.  I praise the Lord for this opportunity to spread the Gospel, and thank Him for all of His provision related to this event, and beyond.

8/31 – vs. LA Tech

This was the first University of Texas game that I ever evangelized at. My biggest concerns leading up to this game were finding an appropriate place to stand, understanding and obeying the Austin laws and University laws on amplification, and having at least one other person to come with me as I began this ministry here in Austin. Each of these items had been on my heart for the better part of a year leading up to this game. In fact, I was not sure of the answers to two of these questions until the week of the game. Nevertheless, the Lord provided perfectly, leading me to the exact right place to be, allowing for the use of amplification in that spot without any objection from the civil authorities, and providing a dear friend and Brother-in-Christ, Jonathan White Eagle, to labor alongside me. (A video of one of the sermons preached at this event can be found here: .) I would also like to expressly thank Bill Adams and Joe Toy for their prayers, wisdom, and guidance throughout the process leading up to this seminal week of evangelizing at UT.

More About John:

John Fedock – Austin, Texas

I’ve been a Christian since September 2010. (For the sake of space, a longer version of my Christian testimony can be found on my blog at Almost from the outset of my Christian walk, it became apparent to me that much (if not most) of the professing “church” in America was not living like the Christians I saw in the Bible – men and women who were wholly committed to Christ and furthering the good news of the Gospel, and of advancing His church, no matter the cost. But still, at first, I allowed myself to think that all of my friends who merely paid lip service to being a “Christian” were, in fact, right with God.

That all changed in the Spring of 2013, or about 2.5 years into my walk. It was in the days leading up to oral arguments before The Supreme Court of the United States on one of the “same sex benefits” cases. Despite most of my friends at that time being people I assumed were “Christians,” there was an overwhelming flood of those red equal signs (for quote-unquote “equality”) in my news feed that day. My friends were, by and large, supporting homosexuality and were making a push for what was evident even then would ultimately become the acceptance and even celebration of homosexual “marriage.”

That day changed everything. The blinders were off, and I began to see the world for what it truly was. Lost, depraved, and completely adversarial to God in all things (or at least in all things that did not happen to coincide with what the culture surrounding them already wanted to believe). That began years’ worth of Facebook conversations and debates, and finally just boldly proclaiming the truth instead of trying to debate back and forth – the latter being the manner which I eventually realized was the more accurate command of Scripture, at least with respect to those who have hard hearts and aren’t genuinely seeking the truth, that being the manner of heralding the Truth of God, rather than “debating it.”

This process continued on for years, and in fact still continues to this day. For much of this time, I felt increasingly like I was “the only one” taking their faith so seriously, “the only one” who really truly cared. I often wondered where the Ravenhill’s and Whitefield’s and Wesley’s and John Knox’s of our day were, and even prayed for God to raise up such people, and hoping and praying that perhaps one day I could be one of them.

And then I met them! They were already out there, doing this very thing! In the summer of 2016, the Lord led me to attending what I called at the time “preaching camp,” also known as the George Whitefield Training Program put on by Sports Fan Outreach. It was there that I met many incredible Saints and wonderful Brothers who were doing that very thing! At the time, I was in seminary, so I couldn’t join them right away out in the streets due to my other commitments before the Lord. And to be honest, even after meeting them, it took some time for my heard to warm up (or perhaps more accurately, to be warmed up by the Lord) to join them. But slowly but surely, those opportunities arose. First, at the 2018 Final Four in San Antonio, just a fairly short Texas drive from where I live. Then in Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600, and eventually on my first trip ever to the “Other Side of the Pond” for the London trip this past October that was centered around the NFL London games. This year, God has allowed me to preach at the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, the Super Bowl Outreach in Atlanta, Mardi Gras, and the Kentucky Derby. And as of late August, I have begun what I hope and pray will Lord willing be a season-long ministry at University of Texas football games in Austin, Texas. And all of it for the Gospel of our Lord, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ!


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