There are no more WVU home games this year.

Jaycen Saab was heralding the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ at the West Virginia University home football games this 2018 season.


Last outreach was: Friday, November 23rd outreach begins around 3 hours before kickoff with kickoff at 8:00 pm ET as the West Virginia Mountaineers take on the Oklahoma Sooners.


Jaycen was outside of the Milan Puskar Stadium each home game this season. If you would like to join him please contact him at: or 304-608-3529.

If you have any questions, please let him know.


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Game Summaries

11/23 – vs. Oklahoma

MORGANTOWN, WV – Our last game of the 2018 WVU football season did not disappoint. To read the rest, click here.

10/25 – vs. Baylor

MORGANTOWN, WV – Night games are always lively in Morgantown. And the “liveliness” starts in the infamous Blue Lot. The Blue Lot is a sea of lost folks, many walking around inebriated from the alcohol that flows like water. All this is set to the soundtrack of thumping PA speakers of every other RV or tailgate hammering out songs, some even with explicative lyrics. To read the rest click here

9/22 – vs. Kansas State


MORGANTOWN, WV – Our second WVU game of the year was full of events that God saw us through to His glory.  From the time we attempted to setup until our last few moments there, it was anything but typical. To read the rest click here.

9/8 – vs. Youngstown State

Joseph preaching at WVU vs YSU Jaycen preaching at WVU vs YSU Drunk WVU Fan

MORGANTOWN, WV – The phrase “It’s Game Day!” has a much different connotation for the street preacher. While most are imagining times of tailgates and touchdowns, the street preacher sees tens of thousands of opportunities to share the Gospel. Our first game out was admittedly undermanned due to scheduling conflicts, but Joseph and I set out all the same. After all, it’s God’s word through the power of the Holy Spirit that does the conversion, we just have to be faithful in getting the message out. To read the rest click here.